Football Sweden is shaken after the terrorist attack in Brussels yesterday. But Allsvenskan and Superettan will after all be played as planned this weekend.

"We are in close contact with the police. We don't do anything that goes against the police. They have vouched for this weekend's round. So we will be able to hold safe events around the country this weekend, says Johan Lindvall to SVT Sport.

Allsvenskan restarts, among other things, with a derby between Djurgården and Hammarby this Sunday.

"It's a bit more work around a derby than a regular match in Allsvenskan. We always deal with it a little more specially. It's more crowded and a different charge. We've done this before, so it's really nothing new.

Do you feel that you can carry out a derby in a safe way?

"The police assess it and then it is our focus as well. So we don't make our own decision, we do it in consultation with the police. They make that assessment and then it is our assessment as well.

Close contact with the clubs

After yesterday's incident, SEF is in close contact with the Swedish clubs.

"We're doing quite a lot. An email has been sent out to all clubs today with information on how we are handling these rounds now after the international break. With great respect and humility after what happened yesterday. We have a close dialogue with the police, so we feel safe to be able to create safe experiences out there and we are in close contact with the clubs in this and are a support for them.

Lindvall also says that there will be a minute of silence at all arenas this weekend.

The terrorist attack before the European Championship qualifiers – minute by minute:

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