Many had expected the IOC to make a decision on Russian and Belarusian participation in the 2024 Olympics this week, in conjunction with the IOC Congress in Mumbai, India.

That did not happen. After a board meeting, it was announced that the IOC's previous positions on the matter still apply.

"The IOC has the right to decide on the participation of individual neutral athletes with Russian passports in the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2026 Milan/Cortina Winter Olympics at an appropriate time," it said in a press release.

Lindberg, former board member

Since there will be no further congress until Paris in connection with the Olympics this summer, most indications are that the decision on their participation is in the hands of the board.

Gunilla Lindberg has previously been a member of the board, most recently in 2011-19. She is now one of 99 IOC members. As a result, she is unlikely to be allowed to vote on the question of whether Russian athletes should be allowed to participate in the Olympics, as all indications are that it is precisely the board that seems to be making the decision.

Swedish: Not a simple question

Despite this, Lindberg does not want to say what she thinks about the matter.

"The Swedish and Nordic perception is the same as it has been there all along. And then... Right now, I'm keeping my own personal opinion to myself," she says, explaining that the issue is not entirely easy for an organization like the IOC:

"It's very difficult if you make democratic decisions, for example, if there are 206 member states that vote on where to have upcoming competitions or similar.

"You may have your own opinion, but it's democracy too.