Luleå kicked off the meeting in Jönköping and scored three goals within seven minutes.

They eventually won 7-3. Among other things, after a pattern attack in the middle period where Emma Nordin (3+1 in the game) scored her second goal of the day.

"It's hockey candy! Just sit back, comments SVT's Dusan Umicevic.

The talk of the day was the suspension of Luleå's top scorer Petra Nieminen.

In Friday's game, she tackled Frölunda's star Hanna Olsson, who was injured so much that she will be out for four to six weeks.

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Suspended for two games – watch Petra Nieminen's tackle on Hanna Olsson Photo: TV4 Play

Nieminen did not receive a penalty then, but on Sunday – before the game against HV71 – the Ice Hockey Association's disciplinary committee announced that the Finnish forward had been suspended for two games.

"The Board finds it established that Petra Nieminen is guilty of Charging. The tackle is delivered at high speed and from the blind side to a player in a vulnerable position. The tackle is disrespectful. Great risk of injury," writes the Disciplinary Committee.

From this season, a pilot project is underway where tackles are allowed in SDHL and Damettan.

Nieminen has previously defended his actions in the match against Frölunda and now gets support from teammate Ronja Savolainen.

"I thought we had to be tackled in this league. I don't comment other than that, she says in SVT's broadcast.

Luleå has dominated the start of the season, is unbeaten after seven rounds and tops the table with a maximum of 21 points.