Listen to Fredrik Söderberg talk about the collaboration with the agent in the player above.

According to the review, the player's agent has gained a lot of influence within AIK. Fredrik Söderberg takes the information seriously.

"Last summer, we developed an action plan to stop this type of undue influence. My view is that this is a framework that has been lacking within AIK in the past. That's where we need to do some soul-searching," he says.

AIK's CEO and club director believe that the club will no longer do business with the agent. The decision is said to have been taken in connection with a meeting last summer.

"It's pretty mutual"

"I wasn't at that meeting myself, but my interpretation is that they don't get a hearing for the way they want to work. There are new people in AIK today who have other ideas. So it's probably quite sad that we don't want to work together anymore," says Fredrik Söderberg.

At the same time, several of AIK's contracted players have collaborations with the agent network in question.

How will it work if, for example, you want to negotiate the players' contracts, where the agency is involved?

"There's so much left on the players' contracts, so we'll take it then. But the risk is that there will not be the type of player sales on individual players that we want. But then it simply has to be so. We need to work sustainably.

SVT Sport is looking for the agent without success.