The Paris Olympics marathon representative selection race, MGC = Marathon Grand Championship, will be held on the 15th for both men and women. Of these, 61 players are scheduled to participate in the men's competition, and the top two finishers will be selected for the national team.

Scheduled to start at 2 a.m., we will provide you with the latest information on the men's race.

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  • 《What are the highlights of the race》

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    《[Explanation] Akemi Masuda's attention is ...》

  • ◆The features of the course are "6 turning points" and "steep slope of the last 5 km"

  • 《Men's Player List = 61 (4 absent, 2 declined)》

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table of contents

table of contents

  • 《What are the highlights of the race》

  • notice

    《[Explanation] Akemi Masuda's attention is ...》

  • ◆The features of the course are "6 turning points" and "steep slope of the last 5 km"

  • 《Men's Player List = 61 (4 absent, 2 declined)》

《What are the highlights of the race》

This year's MGC, which will be held for the second time as a selection race for the Olympic marathon team, will be contested on a 2.42-kilometer course that starts and finishes at the National Stadium and travels around Tokyo including Ueno and Ginza. The course has six turnovers along the way, as well as an uphill slope just before the goal, which is the point that separates the game.

There are 195 men scheduled to participate▽ Japan record holder Kengo Suzuki
▽ Suguru Osako, who finished sixth at the Tokyo Olympics, set a good time in the Tokyo Marathon

▽ Kazuki
Yamashita and▽ It is likely that Kenya Keita and others will take on the challenge.

The MGC will start at 6 a.m. for men and 61:6 a.m. for women, and the top two finishers in both the men's and women's races will be selected for the Paris Olympics.

  • notice

《[Explanation] Akemi Masuda's attention is ...》

Sports journalist Akemi Masuda is looking forward to the race that will determine the marathon athletes for the Paris Olympics, saying, "It's a marathon all-star, so I want you to pay attention to who will really become the champion."

(left) OSAKO Suguru (right) SUZUKI Kengo

On the men's side, Masuda is most notable for 6-year-old Suguru Osako, who left the sport for a while after finishing sixth at the Tokyo Olympics and then returned.

Akemi Masuda
: "Mr. Osako is always conscious of wanting to nurture his juniors, so he has a strong desire to show his back and make his Japan stronger, so I wonder what kind of race he will do."

Masuda expects the race to be centered on 28-year-old Kengo Suzuki, the record holder Japan Osako, as the race progresses at a dizzying pace of top management. On top of that, the key point of the game is the uphill climb at the end of the game.

"Many athletes are conscious of Osako-san and Kengo Suzuki, but the competition is uphill from 35 kilometers, and I think everyone will start the game while worrying about how much power they have left. There may be a few people in a group who want to compete in that area. I hope you will look forward to seeing how you compete on the final slope that will test your strength."

In the race where the representative of the Paris Olympics is decided by a one-shot match, you can't take your eyes off the bargaining of the top runners from the start to the moment of finish.

◆The features of the course are "6 turning points" and "steep slope of the last 5 km"

In anticipation of next year's Paris Olympics, this year's MGC is set to test the competitive strength of the athletes.

The athletes start from the National Stadium and head north, then continue along Yasukuni Street, pass the Iidabashi intersection, and head to Suidobashi. From around 8.5 kilometers past Jimbocho, you will make two laps of the 1-kilometer course. The circuit is a course that turns around Kanda Ogawacho, Ueno Hirokoji, and Uchisaiwaicho near Hibiya Park, and while passing Ginza and Japan Bridge, a total of five turnovers await the athletes. After that, the athletes make a final turn at Uchibori Street, and after 11 kilometers, they run up a steep climb with a height difference of 2 meters starting from Suidobashi Bridge to the finish point, the National Stadium.

There are two main features of this course.
It is a "5 turnaround" and "
A steep climb waiting for the last 35 km".

《Men's Player List = 61 (4 absent, 2 declined)》

[Time is a personal best]

Kengo Suzuki (Fujitsu): 2:04:56=Japan record holder
◆Tokyo Marathon 2021 (2022) 1st place in Japan (4th overall) Suguru Osako (Nike):
2:05:29 = 2nd place in Japan history Kazuki
Yamashita (MHI): 2:05:51 = 3rd
Kenya Keita (JR East Japan): 2:05:59 = Japan all-time 4th
place Kyohei Hosoya (Harima Kurosaki): 2:06:35
◆Fukuoka International Marathon (2021) Japan 1st place (2nd overall) Shohei Otsuka (Kyudenko):
Ryu Takaku (Yakult): 2:06:45
Daisuke Kamimon (Otsuka Pharmaceutical): 2:06:54
Daichi Kamino (Cell Source): 2:09:34
Yusuke Nishiyama (Toyota Motor Corporation): 2:07:47
◆Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon (2022) Winner

Tetsuya Yorisaka (Asahi Kasei): 2:07:55
Hiroto Fujimagari (Toyota Motor Kyushu): 2:08:20 Junji Koga (Yaskawa Electric): 2:08:30

Naoki Aiba (Chudenko): 2:08:44
Ryoki Nakanishi (Toenec): 2:08:51 Gaku Hoshi (Konica Minolta): 2:07:31

◆Osaka Marathon Biwako Mainichi Marathon (2022) winner Yuhei
Urano (Fujitsu): 2:07:52
Fumihiro Maruyama (Asahi Kasei): 2:07:55
Naoki Okamoto (Chugoku Electric Power): 2:08:04
Masato Imai (Toyota Motor Kyushu): 2:07:39Yuki

Kawauchi (AD Insurance):2:07:27Shun
Yuzawa (SG Holdings):2:07:31Kento
Bunya (Toyota Boshoku):2:07:26Hidekazu Hijikata (Asahi Kasei):2:06:26

Masaya Taguchi (Honda): 2:09:27 Yuya Yoshida (GMO Internet Group): 2:07:05
Daihito Inoue (MHI) 2:06:47 Yuta Shimoda (GMO Internet Group): 2:07:27

Yugo Kashiwa (Konica Minolta): 2:08:11
◆Hokkaido Marathon (2022) Japan 1st place (2nd overall) Yu Aoki (Kao):
2:07:40 Ryo Matsumoto (Toyota Motor Corporation): 2:10

Takeshi Yamaguchi (Suzuki): 2:07:58
Rintaro Takeda (Yakult): 2:08:48 Yuki Nakamura (Sumitomo Electric): 2:08:29
◆Hofu Yomiuri Marathon (2022) winner Shoma
Yamamoto (NTT West Japan): 2:08
:52 Takashi Hashimoto (Chuo Hajo): 2:09:12

Kiyohito Akiyama (Aichi Steel): 2:08:43
◆Fukuoka International Marathon (2022) Japan 1st place (7th overall) Akira Akasaki (Kyudenko):
2:09:01 Minatoyo
Oishi (Toyota Motor Corporation): 2:08:52
Kazuma Kubo (Nishitetsu): 2:08:48

Tsubasa Ichiyama (Sunbergs): 2:07:41
◆Beppu Oita Mainichi Marathon (2023) Japan 1st place (3rd overall) Shungo Yokota (JR East Japan):
2:07:47 Shin Kimura (Honda): 2:07
Tsukasa Koyama (Subaru): 2:08:00Naoya
Sakuta (JR East Japan): 2:08:21Kazuki
Muramoto (Sumitomo Electric): 2:07:36Koki
Yoshioka (Chuo Hajo): 2:07:28Masaki
Sakuta (JR East Japan): 2:07:42Daisuke
Doi (Harima Kurosaki): 2:07:55
Yuta Koyama (Toeneck): 2:07:57 Kazuya Negami (Toyota Motor Corporation): 2:08:29
Yoji Kawai (Toenec): 2:08:31
Naoki Koyama (Honda): 2:07

Kohei Nioka (Chudenko): 2:09:14
Yasuki Takada (Sumitomo Electric): 2:09:45 Hiroshi Tomiyasu (Aisan Industry): 2:08:55 Kento Nishi (Osaka Gas): 2:08:11
◆Nagano Marathon (2023) Winner
Kensuke Horio (Kyudenko): 2:08:25

Kenji Yamamoto (Mazda): 2:08:38 Takayuki Iida (Fujitsu): 2:09:34
Yuichi Yasui (Toyota): 2:08:48

《Missing player》SATO Yuki (SG Holdings)※Meniscus injury Tatsuya Maruyama (Toyota Motor Corporation)※Left shin stress fracture
NISHIYAMA Kazuya (Toyota Motor Corporation)※Right buttock tendon injuryOhrokuno

Hideune (Asahi Kasei)※Tibial overwork periostitis
《Withdrawn player》

Yohei Ikeda (Kao) Toshiki Sadakata (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)