The Rugby World Cup France is about to enter the final tournament. Unfortunately, Japan were eliminated from the first round, but we expect a spectacular match between the strong teams. Introducing the highlights of the quarterfinals, "Top 1 Showdown". The second part will pick up two matches that will be played on the 8th at Japan time.

NHK will broadcast the two quarterfinal matches on 16 June Japan time on general television, etc., as well as NHK Plus.

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    [England (6th)× Fiji (10th)]

  • ◆England◆

  • ◇Fiji◇

  • 【France (2nd)× South Africa (3rd)】

  • ◆France◆

  • ◇South Africa◇

  • 《NHK Broadcast Schedule》

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table of contents

table of contents

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    [England (6th)× Fiji (10th)]

  • ◆England◆

  • ◇Fiji◇

  • 【France (2nd)× South Africa (3rd)】

  • ◆France◆

  • ◇South Africa◇

  • 《NHK Broadcast Schedule》

【Part 1】Highlights of the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals How did they perform in this tournament?

【NHK Broadcast Schedule】Rugby World Cup 2023

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[England (6th)× Fiji (10th)]

At the Stade de Marseille, world No. 6 England will face world No. 10 Fiji.


《Pool D》
○England 27-10 Argentina
○ England 34-12 Japan
○England 71-0 Chile
○England 18-17 Samoa

【Click here for details】England How will they play in this tournament?

Captain Owen Farrell (right)

England were in Pool D, the same as Japan in the first round. We struggled in the last match against Samoa to qualify for the final tournament, but we won four consecutive matches to finish in first place.

Effective attacks from kicks even in Japan battles

England excel at using kicks effectively and attacking with strong forwards.

In this tournament as well, they continued to play from kicks 135 times, the most of any team.

In rugby, kicking is more likely to result in the opponent's ball, but England were the top team in possession of the ball at 21.5%.

George Ford's drop goal

England's kicking was symbolized in the first match against Argentina.

George Ford scored all the goals with penalty goals and drop goals.

It can be said that it was one of the most memorable matches in the first round.

In addition, the scrum team formed by strong forwards has a success rate of 95%, which is the second highest number overall, and we are able to play to our strengths.


Pool C:
Fiji 26-32 Wales-Fiji
22-15 Australia-Fiji
17-12 Georgia
23-24 Portugal

【Click here for details】Fiji What is the match in this tournament?

Fiji were the only team to reach the playoffs despite losing two in the first round.

Fiji's strength is its versatile passing work and agile runs, and its creative rugby has been dubbed 'Fijian Magic'.

Fijian Magic beats Australia

In the first round, all four matches were close matches with a seven-goal margin or less.

In our first match against Wales, we lost the match by making a knock-on when the ball connected just before the end of the match and a try was scored to call for a comeback.

In the third match against Georgia, they fought back and forth, and in the end, they withstood the onslaught of their opponents and grabbed the white star.

It shows us some exciting matches.

Levani Botia rushing

Among them, Levani Botia, who plays as a flanker and center, has committed six turnovers to win the ball and switch from defence to offense, which is the highest number among the players of the team that has reached the quarterfinals.

England have a 7-1 lead in the clash between the two teams, but their only defeat was in a test match just before this year's World Cup.

Most predict that England, eager for revenge, will take control of the match, but Fiji's counter-attack cannot be underestimated.

【Video】Highlights of all 48 matches

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【France (2nd)× South Africa (3rd)】

To conclude the quarter-finals, the clash between world No. 2 France and world No. 3 South Africa at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, near Paris, is expected to be a battle between the favourites.


Pool A - France 27-13 New Zealand
- France 27-12 Uruguay
- France 96-0 Namibia
60-7 Italy

【Click here for details】France What is the battle of this tournament?

Beats New Zealand in opening game

Hosts France advanced to Pool A of the first round with four consecutive wins.

In the opening match, they beat New Zealand. It was the first time in the history of the 1-time World Cup that a three-time champion won a black star in the first round.

France have conceded 1 goals in their four matches in the first round, the fewest among all teams, and have scored 4 goals, the second most goals, and are excellent both offensively and defensively.

Antoine Dupont Captain

Another bright spot for the team heading into the quarter-finals is the return of scrum-half Antoine Dupont, who will captain the team.

In the third match of the first round, he broke his facial bone after being tackled by an opponent, and at one point he was whispered to leave the team, but he underwent surgery to implant a titanium plate in his cheek and joined the full training session before the quarterfinals.

No. 1 scorer Toma Ramos

Full-back Tomás Ramos is also the top scorer with 3 goals in his three appearances so far.

He also has a reputation for handling skills, which helps the team make great strides.

◇South Africa◇

Pool B - South Africa 18-3 Scotland
- South Africa 76-0 Romania
- South Africa 8-13 Ireland
- South Africa
49-18 Tonga

【Click here for details】South Africa What is the match in this tournament?

Strong forwards

Defending champions South Africa struggled to lose to world No. 1 Ireland in the first round, but they showed their strength in the other matches.

South Africa is characterized by rugby that makes use of their overwhelming physicality, which is said to be the number one in the world.

In terms of average tackles per game, they rank second among teams that have reached the quarterfinals with 1.2.

The team's signature player is Duane Vermeulen, who plays in the number eight and flanker.

Duane Vermeulen

He has strong breakthrough skills and tackles, and has shown strong tackles in the first round of this tournament, giving the team momentum.

The two teams met in a test match last year, with France winning 30-27. It was the first time in 13 years that France beat South Africa, and it was a fierce match in which both teams were sent off with red cards. The matches for the final four are also expected to be intense.

《NHK Broadcast Schedule》

Both will be broadcast on Sogo TV and BS4K, and will also be distributed on NHK Plus.

▽16th 0:00~ England×Fiji
▽16th 4:00~ France× South Africa
(Japan hours, match scheduled to start)

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