It was barely halfway into the third period that Timrå's Albin Lundin jumped onto the ice.

The game was on the other side of the ice, and Lundin had his eyes on it, as he skated forward – and drove straight at the assistant referee Rickard Nilsson who fell with his back straight into the ice.

Expert: "Completely incorrect"

The SHL's situation room reported Lundin to the Swedish Ice Hockey Association's disciplinary committee, which chose to punish Lundin with a three-game suspension and a 10,000 SEK fine.

A verdict that SVT Sport's expert Jonas Andersson is not impressed by.

"I think it's completely wrong. This is a consequence of the fact that the rule was changed before this season. Nowadays, physical contact that could have been avoided and where the player has shown an indifference should lead to suspension, he explains, and continues:

"But what I don't buy is that this couldn't have been avoided, he's just not aware of him (the referee). The referee moves along the blue line and sets Albin Lundin.

"For me, this is not a shutdown, and if it is, Pandora's box opens. Then there will be lots more expulsions and suspensions that should be nothing.