Hangzhou, October 10 (Qian Chenfei) On the 12th, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Asian Para Organizing Committee that the fire collection ceremony of the 12th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Hangzhou Asian Para Games) was held in the Guangzhou Sports Culture Museum (Guangzhou Asian Para Games Museum) on the same day, and the Hangzhou Asian Para Games fire was successfully collected.

The 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou was successfully collected. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Asian Para Organizing Committee

In the strong and powerful rhythm of "Awakening the Lion", the fire picking ceremony kicks off, which integrates the unique difficult skills of the Southern School Awakening Lion into the dance language, combining rigidity and softness, and "dance" and martial arts, showing the world the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Afterwards, the classic song "Dream Paradise", a well-known song in Hangzhou, sounded at the ceremony, and the visually impaired and hearing-impaired actors used their own special expressions to show the happy picture of the lives of Chinese people and even Asian people.

Guangzhou is the venue of the 1st Asian Para Games, and on December 2010, 12, the Guangzhou Asian Para Games closed, the cauldron tower of the Asian Para Games was extinguished, and the flame was permanently preserved in Guangzhou. The collection of torch in Guangzhou for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games torch relay is of far-reaching significance, which not only continues the concept and purpose of the Asian Para Games, but also fully reflects the passing on of the torch of Asian paralympic sports.

At the collection ceremony, under the escort of the honor guard, the national flag of the People's Republic of China and the flag of the Asian Para Committee entered the venue. After singing the national anthem of the People's Republic of China and the anthem of the Asian Para Olympic Committee, Guo Yonghang, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Wenxu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province and Vice Chairman of the Hangzhou Asian Para Organizing Committee, delivered speeches respectively. Subsequently, Cheng Kai, chairman of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, announced the start of fire collection.

The fire-picking messenger walked slowly to the cauldron with a fire-picking stick, extended the fire-picking stick to the long-burning Asian Para Games flame, and successfully lit the fire-picking stick. The fire-picking messenger handed the fire-picking stick to Guo Yonghang, who took the fire and handed it to Liu Jie, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and vice chairman of the Hangzhou Asian Para Organizing Committee, Liu Jie showed the fire, and then lit the tinder box. Immediately afterwards, the tinder guards introduced the tinder into the tinder lamp, and Lin Tao, vice governor of Guangdong Province, declared the tinder collection ceremony a complete success.

After the collection ceremony, the Asian Para Games flames will arrive in Hangzhou by train, which is the first time in the history of the Asian Para Games that high-speed trains will be used to transport the fire. The launching ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games torch relay will be held on October 10; On 19 October, the cauldron will be lit at the opening ceremony of the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou. (End)