In Game 3 between the Major League Baseball, the playoff district series, and the National League Diamondbacks and Dodgers, the Diamondbacks won 4-2 to clinch a spot in the league championship series with three straight wins.

Game 3 was played in Phoenix, Arizona, home of the Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks, who had won two straight games at their home base, scored four runs in the third inning on four home runs in one inning, the first time in playoff history, including Perdomo's leadoff home run.

Starting pitcher Fort pitched a scoreless inning until the middle of the fifth inning, and the relievers held the offenses to two runs to win 2-3.

The Diamondbacks have won three straight district series and five straight wins without a loss from the Wild Card Series to advance to the league championship series for the first time since 1.

The Dodgers, who won the National League West Division, lost three straight games in the regular season to an opponent who had a 4-game lead in the regular season with their starting pitchers breaking down early in all three games of the district series, and were eliminated from the district series for the second time last season.

The Diamondbacks will face the winners of the Braves and Phillies in the National League championship series, which begins on June 4.