The Rugby World Cup France is about to enter the final tournament. Unfortunately, Japan were eliminated from the first round, but we expect a spectacular match between the strong teams. Therefore, we will introduce the profiles of the eight teams that advanced to the final tournament and the highlights of the matches, divided into the first and second parts.

The four quarterfinal matches will be played from the early morning of the 1th and 8th to the early morning of the Japan time. In the first part, we will pick up two matches that will take place on the 4th.

table of contents

  • [Ireland (1st) × New Zealand (4th)]

  • ◆Ireland◆

  • ◇New Zealand◇

  • [Wales (7th) × Argentina (8th)]

  • ◆Wales◆

  • ◇Argentina◇

Open Table of Contents

table of contents

table of contents

  • [Ireland (1st) × New Zealand (4th)]

  • ◆Ireland◆

  • ◇New Zealand◇

  • [Wales (7th) × Argentina (8th)]

  • ◆Wales◆

  • ◇Argentina◇

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[Ireland (1st) × New Zealand (4th)]

At the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, near Paris, world No. 1 Ireland and world No. 4 New Zealand will face off against each other.


Pool B:
Ireland 82-8 Romania
Ireland 59-16 Tonga-Ireland
13-8 South Africa-Ireland
36-14 Scotland

【Click here for details】Ireland What is the battle of this tournament?

Ireland have won four consecutive matches in Pool B of the first round.
They won a close match against the defending champions South Africa, and the other three matches were not dangerous.

Ireland's strength is an ironclad defence.
He excels in precise strategy and organized play.

Solid defence shines against South Africa

They conceded only five tries in the first round, the fewest behind France.

Against South Africa, who play rugby that makes the most of their physicality, they have been able to hold off their attacks by eight goals.

Jonathan Sexton

One player to keep an eye on in attack is 38-year-old Jonathan Sexton.

The captain of the 2018 World Player of the Year award will be making his fourth appearance in the World Cup. With their high overall ability in passing, kicking, and tackling, they have scored 4 goals so far in this tournament, placing them in third place in the scoring rankings.

◇New Zealand◇

Pool A
●New Zealand 13-27 France-New
Zealand 71-3 Namibia-New
Zealand 96-17 Italy-New
Zealand 73-0 Uruguay

【Click here for details】New Zealand What is the competition in this tournament?

New Zealand suffered the humiliation of losing to their hometown France in the opening match of the tournament and losing in the first round for the first time in their history.

However, after that, they showed their full strength and won three consecutive matches to advance to the final tournament.

Beauden Barrett at the heart of the attack

Rugby full of speed, where players with outstanding physical abilities develop with abundant exercise and overwhelming physical strength, is alive and well.

Against world No. 11 Italy, who beat Japan in a test match just before the tournament, they scored 14 tries and scored 96 points.

Aaron Smith

All eyes are on scrum-half Aaron Smith.

In addition to his reputation for passing and kicking, he also has the speed to leave the opponent's defense behind, and he can attack with a variety of ideas.

It will be interesting to see if Ireland, who boast an ironclad defence, will control the game or if New Zealand will show their true potential in attack using their physical abilities.

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[Wales (7th) × Argentina (8th)]

The other match on the 15th will be at the Stade de Marseille, where world No. 1 Wales and world No. 7 Argentina will face each other.


Pool C:
Wales 32-26 Fiji
Wales 28-8 Portugal
Wales 40-6 Australia
and Wales 43-19 Georgia

【Click here for details】Wales What is the battle of this tournament?

Solid defence and winning all of them in Pool C

Wales finished first in Pool C, which was said to be the hardest battleground, with four consecutive wins.

Wales have traditionally been tough in defence.

Especially in this tournament, Scrum is the one that boasts strength. With a staggering 98% success rate, they are among the top participating teams.

Australia's foul in scrum

In the match against Australia, who have won the past two times, there was a time when he invited an opponent's foul from a scrum of My Ball and scored a penalty goal.

The central player of the scrum is prop Thomas Francis.

Thomas Francis scores a try

With a height of 1 meter 85 centimeters and a weight of 135 kilograms, he has played in three consecutive World Cups to lead the Welsh forwards.


《Pool D》
●Argentina 10-27 England
○Argentina 19-10 Samoa
○Argentina 59-5 Chile
○Argentina 39-27 Japan

【Click here for details】Argentina What is the match of this tournament?

Argentina got off to a poor start in the first round, but won their final match against Japan to advance to the final tournament.

What stands out in this tournament is the performance of both wingers.

Emiliano Boffelli

Emiliano Boffelli has scored a lot as a placekicker and scored a team-leading 1 goals with one try each against Japan and Samoa.

Mateo Carreras, who scored 3 tries in Japan matches.

Opposite winger Mateo Carreras scored three tries in Japan matches thanks to his outstanding footwork.

Meanwhile, their scrum success rate is the lowest among the teams that reached the quarter-finals, but head coach Michael Cheika said after the Japan game of the final game of the first round, "we are improving".

Scrum is also "improving"

In order to advance through the final tournament, it is essential to have the forwards, who are naturally strong and physical.

One of the key points will be whether Argentina can break down Wales' solid defence by attacking the flanks.

In the second part, we will summarize the highlights of the remaining two matches that will be played on the 16th in Japan time.

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