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After "alleged racist incidents" occurred during the Nancy-Red Star match on Wednesday in the National, the disciplinary committee of the French Football Federation will open a procedure. After the 1-1 draw between the two teams, Red Star coach Habib Beye denounced "mimes" and "monkey cries" against several of his players.

The French Football Federation's disciplinary committee will open proceedings following "alleged racist incidents" that occurred during Wednesday's Nancy-Red Star match in the National, the body announced Thursday in a statement. The federation "also wishes to join the complaint procedure of AS Nancy-Lorraine against the alleged troublemaker(s)," the FFF added.

After the draw (1-1) between the two teams, Red Star coach Habib Beye denounced on Wednesday evening at the microphone of Canal+ "mimes" and "monkey cries" against several of his players. "When I have three of my players who come to me and say: +Coach, they mimic monkey noises and all that+, for me it's unacceptable," said the coach of the Parisian team. "We let things like this happen in the stadiums (...). I have people who tell me today that we shouldn't make things worse, that these are things that are like that. We have in fact trivialised all these situations," said the former Senegalese international.


The Lorraine club reacted on Thursday lunchtime in a statement, indicating that it had spotted the culprit: "After reviewing the CCTV images last night, the club has identified an individual, whose identity remains unknown for the moment. A case was immediately opened with the help of the police authorities present at the scene." The ASNL "does not want to be associated in any way with the behaviour of individuals who have no place in a football stadium". A position shared by the FFF, which added that it was "determined to combat racist behaviour observed in football, with the utmost firmness and severity".

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But Nancy's directors did not appreciate some of Habib Beye's statements: "The ASNL would also like to reiterate that it will not accept any comment on it that would make you think that the club is turning a blind eye to this type of action," insisted the managers of the team currently 14th in the National. Red Star also expressed its outrage in a statement released on Thursday morning: "The racist acts of which our players were victims last night are detestable and revolting."

"We will also refer the matter to the French Football Federation and the competent authorities by making available to them the visual and audio evidence we have to defend our players, our honour and our values," said the club, which plays in the Paris suburb of Saint-Ouen.