The 19th Asian Games came to a successful conclusion in front of hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. Starting today, China Blue News Client will launch a series of roundups entitled "The Most Remembered is Hangzhou Hand in Hand to the Future", reliving the wonderful moments of the Hangzhou Asian Games and imagining a better tomorrow for Asia working together.

In 16 days, the Hangzhou Asian Games fulfilled its promise with first-class venue facilities, smooth event organization and thoughtful service guarantee, presenting the world with a sports event with "Chinese characteristics, Asian style and wonderful".

This is the moment to bid farewell to Hangzhou, and everyone remembers the hard work and friendship and freezes the eternal memory of the Asian Games.

Spending unforgettable time in Zhejiang and leaving good memories under the flame of the Asian Games are President Xi Jinping's wishes to the guests of the Asian Games. President Xi Jinping said that China is willing to work with the Olympic Council of Asia and delegations to "present the world with a sports event with 'Chinese characteristics, Asian style and splendid colors', and make new contributions to the development of the Asian and international Olympic movement."

During the autumnal equinox, which symbolizes a bumper harvest, the Hangzhou Asian Games opened amazingly. At this moment, the rising tide of the river, shining in Asia. In the beautiful picture, thousands of years of civilization and modern technology collide, oriental aesthetics and international vision are blended, and Chinese style and Asian style are reflected.

The "digital torchbearer" crossed the Qiantang River and rushed to the main cauldron tower, the first "digital and real integration" ignition ceremony in the history of the Asian Games, which made the world remember the Asian Games moment.

From the Asian Games torch "Fire" integrated into Oracle and Zhejiang's eight major water systems, to the Asian Games mascot "Jiangnan Yi" that revitalizes the three major intangible cultural heritages, from the 56 competition venues that integrate with humanities and rely on mountains and rivers, to the warm and thoughtful Asian Games Village with complete facilities, every carefully polished detail inside and outside the competition venue allows Asia and the world to experience the unique charm of "poetry and painting in Jiangnan, vitality in Zhejiang", and appreciate the atmosphere of an open, inclusive, self-confident and self-reliant country.

Walking into the Hangzhou Asian Games Information Technology Command Center, on the smart screen, the numbers collected in real time from various venues, events and event sites are constantly beating. In the race, once the athlete crosses the finish line, sensors and high-speed cameras can take more than 1000,5 photos in one second, and the massive amount of data, from uploading to the cloud computing center to transmitting the results back to the scoring system, the whole process does not exceed <> milliseconds.

Taking advantage of the advantages of a digital economy city, the Hangzhou Asian Games are smart everywhere. From the robot dogs working the arena, the "robot team" group service, to the "Smart Asian Games One-stop Pass" one-stop solution for eating, living, shopping, and traveling, to the CNC light show that ignites the arena, the world's first scientific and technological applications highlight the vitality of innovation, allowing global guests to experience the vigorous power of China's development.

Through the window of the Asian Games, joyful China, peaceful China, vibrant and vibrant China are vividly displayed to the world.

In the Liangzhu Ancient City Ruins Park, guests from the Olympic Council of Asia family climbed Damojiao Mountain and entered the ruins of the royal tomb to deeply experience more than 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. In Haining Yanguan, guests experienced the "first-line tide" scenery of "spectacular world-in-world". In Hangzhou West Lake, athletes wandered through the lake and mountains, feeling the cultural heritage and elegant charm of the ancient capital of thousands of years. Mid-Autumn Festival, Hangzhou Asian Games Village, mooncakes, flower lanterns, LOHAS bazaar, cultural huts are full of popularity.

In the name of sports, gather the power of Asia to build the road to the future. The Hangzhou Asian Games, with a sports event with "Chinese characteristics, Asian style and splendid", promotes exchanges and mutual learning and integration among diverse civilizations. Let the road of common development, openness and integration of Asia become broader and broader.