Zhongxin Wanghai, October 10 (Reporter Miao Lu) The Shanghai rumor refuting platform recently received a request from fans whether the news that "Shanghai wants to bid for the Olympic Games" is true. The official replied on the 11th: Shanghai has no plans to bid for the Olympic Games.

Although Shanghai has no plans to bid for the Olympic Games, it has quite a connection with the Olympic spirit. In May this year, President Bach of the International Olympic Committee visited Shanghai and said that many of Shanghai's sports practices are exemplary, and he looks forward to cooperation with Shanghai and believes that Shanghai will become an Olympic sports city.

In February this year, Shanghai officially proposed to the International Olympic Committee to bid for one of the Olympic qualification series competitions, including freestyle BMX, skateboarding, breakdancing and rock climbing. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially confirmed that Shanghai will be one of the host cities for the Olympic Qualification Series, which will be held in Huangpu Riverside from 2 to 4 May 2024. In addition, in 5, 16 and 19, Shanghai will introduce new international top individual sports events. However, in terms of bidding for the multi-sport games, Shanghai currently has no plans to bid for the Olympic Games.

There are also 3 words "Olympic Games" in the "Olympic Qualification Series", what does it have to do with the Olympic Games? As the name suggests, the Olympic Qualification Series is a competition in which athletes qualify for the Olympic Games, and is an important step in whether freestyle BMX, breakdancing, skateboarders and rock climbers can qualify for Paris 2024, but it is very different from the comprehensive Olympics, and the two cannot be equated.

At the press conference of the Shanghai Municipal Government held on September 9, the Shanghai leg of the Olympic Qualification Series was also introduced. Shanghai uses the existing riverside open venue to hold the Olympic qualification series, hoping to create a more open, inclusive and shared sports environment for citizens, and create a charming riverside waterfront space that can be exercised, socialized, green appreciation, and has strength, speed and heat. (End)