In the just-concluded Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese sports delegation achieved the best results in the history of Asian Games participation, and also achieved a "zero breakthrough" in Asian Games gold medals in many events.

Asian Games stocktaking: a new breakthrough for the Chinese sports delegation

As a newly established official sport in the Olympic Games, skateboarding made its second appearance at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. In the final of the men's skateboarding bowl, 15-year-old Chinese teenager Chen Ye beat two foreign competitors to win the championship, which was the first time that the Chinese team won the Asian Games gold medal in skateboarding. Then, in the skateboarding women's street final, 13-year-old Chinese teenager Cui Chenxi won another gold medal, becoming the youngest Asian Games gold medalist in the history of the Chinese team.

In the climbing competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team defeated the strong Indonesian team in the men's and women's team speed relay competitions to win the championship, achieving a breakthrough of zero gold medals in the Asian Games in climbing, and the excellent performance of these emerging events in the Asian Games also laid a good foundation for the participation in the Paris Olympic Games.

In the athletics competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team performed brilliantly. In addition to winning all the men's and women's 100m and 4×100m relay races, in the men's marathon, China's He Jie won the championship with a time of 2 hours, 13 minutes and 02 seconds, which was the first time that the Chinese men's marathon won the gold medal at the Asian Games.

Equestrian became an official Asian Games event dating back to the 1982 New Delhi Games. In the following 40 years, the Chinese equestrian team has never won a gold medal. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, after three days of competition, the Chinese equestrian team composed of Bao Yingfeng, Sun Huadong, Hua Tian and Liang Ruiji successfully won gold in three team events with a total penalty of 86.80, filling the gold medal gap in Chinese equestrian events in the Asian Games and creating a new history.

Gain friendship on and off the field

During the Asian Games, athletes not only sweated and worked hard to achieve good results, but they also gained friendship on and off the field.

At this Asian Games, the Afghan cycling team sent two athletes to compete in road cycling. However, during pre-race training, one athlete's race bike suddenly broke down.

Ulduz al-Hashemi, an athlete from the Afghan cycling team: My heart was broken, and this was the only bike I was racing. If I can't compete, there's no point in being here.

Through the liaison officer, the Afghan cycling team urgently asked the Chinese cycling team for urgent help. The mechanic of the Chinese cycling team rushed over as soon as possible and helped the Afghan athletes repair their bicycles overnight.

Yi Cong, mechanic of the Chinese cycling team: We are opponents on the field, but we are all friends below the field. When friends come and have problems, we have to go to help, this is the hospitality of China and Hangzhou, I hope they will leave a good memory of the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

At the swimming arena of the Asian Games, the friendship between athletes is moving. On September 9, in the women's 29m butterfly final, China's Zhang Yufei broke the Asian Games record and won the title, which also fulfilled the Hangzhou contract between Zhang Yufei and Japan's Rikako Ikee.

In August 2021, Rikako Ikee, who recovered from illness, appeared at the Tokyo Olympics and met Zhang Yufei in the women's 8×4m medley relay. After the game, Zhang Yufei waited by the pool for the end of Chi Jiang's interview, when the two made a promise in Hangzhou.

Zhang Yufei, a member of the Chinese swimming team: I said see you next year (see you next year) and see you at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the women's 50m butterfly final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Rikako Ikejiang won the bronze medal. Zhang Yufei and Chijiang Lihuazi hugged each other and cried after the game, for Hangzhou to get together, but also to encourage each other, the friendship between the two moved many people.

On September 9, in the final sprint of the women's 24m freestyle final at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Vietnamese athletes persevered despite being in last place. The audience cheered her on, and China's Li Bingjie and Gao Weizhong arrived at the finish line in first and second, and did not leave the pool to accompany the Vietnamese athlete to swim to the finish.

Gao Weizhong, a member of the Chinese swimming team: It's the kind of people who can't help but want to cheer her on, and then really respect her, admire her, never say that at the last moment is to want to give up, we may be opponents on the field, and we are friends after the competition.

Wonderful and best in history The participating delegations praised the Asian Games

This year's Hangzhou Asian Games left touching and unforgettable memories for each participating delegation. The participants believed that this Asian Games is worthy of the highest level of sports events in Asia, carrying the beautiful yearning of the Asian people for peace, unity and tolerance.


Thai Olympic Committee official Pasutoen Singhusaha: The athletes participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games are all very good athletes in Asia. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the best level of competition in Asia. I hope that our country can also have such a good level of sports event management as China.

Kate Louis Sparks, Singapore Olympic Committee Team Officer: Although the open water swimming event is less contested by athletes, it is still well organized. A very nice competition area has been chosen, the water temperature is comfortable, the water is clear, and you can even see the beautiful mountains in the distance, everything an athlete needs to compete here.

Uzbekistan coach Anna Shidorova: This is not my first time participating in the Asian Games, but I have never seen such a complete facility before, and I think this Asian Games is the best one, without flaws.

Sports is a country's window to the outside world. The Hangzhou Asian Games showcased an open, enthusiastic and modern China. They were impressed by the atmosphere of respect for diversity and open innovation, the warm and welcoming Chinese people, and smart cities, intertwined with the ubiquitous cultural heritage.

Head of Bahrain Sports Delegation Ahmed Mohammed: We had a wonderful time at the Asian Games, and I was very impressed by the people and volunteers of Hangzhou, maybe people could build some venues, but without the hospitality of the Chinese people, it would not be a real sports event.

Yemeni athlete Ibrahim Guzan: This is my first time in China, and I can't even describe in words how friendly Chinese is. I will come here again because I will meet these friends who have been handed in at the Asian Games again, I love the people here, I will always remember this Asian Games and I will never forget it.

Singaporean hockey player Zeng Built: It was an eye-opener. When I came to Hangzhou, I realized what a bright future China's cities would be. During the Asian Games, I saw a lot of eco-friendly content, such as ensuring carbon neutrality, which is very important for urban planning.

Qatari athlete Ali Jalahma: I really like Chinese culture, which is a wonderful culture built on respect, support and helping others. I would like to thank China for hosting such a wonderful Hangzhou Asian Games, and I hope to see you next time.

Share the Asian Games Dividends

On the evening of October 10, the closing ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium "Big Lotus". The 8-day event left a deep memory for the Asian Games for athletes and spectators alike.


Xie Zhenye, flag bearer of the closing ceremony of the Chinese delegation: First of all, it was very warm, because my father and fellow villagers have always given me great encouragement, and then in this kind of loud arena, the whole audience cheered for me, and I really felt proud and proud.

Cong Shang, a volunteer of the Asian Games City in Yuhang District: Every time I am doing guidance, I can hear the children shouting the words "uncle and brother stand up to a good standard", and then my feeling is that my heart is actually very happy.

He Shuifa, Vice President of the Chinese Painting Society: The Hangzhou Asian Games has deepened the understanding and cultural exchanges of Asian family members, practiced "heart-to-heart integration, love for the future" in the mutual integration and symbiosis of culture, narrowed the distance between players and people, and enhanced the cultural self-confidence of Asian countries and regions.

Hangzhou Citizen Closing Ceremony Audience Zheng Liang: I hope that through such an opportunity, more friends can get acquainted with the city and have the opportunity to come to this city to have a look.