The Pacific League, a professional baseball team, will play the final game of the season between third-place Lotte and fourth-place Rakuten on the 10th. The difference between the two teams is 3.4, and the team that wins this match will advance to the climax series with only one spot remaining.

In the Pacific League, in addition to Orix, which has already clinched the championship, SoftBank, which is currently in second place, has already qualified for the Climax Series, and the remaining spots are being contested by third-place Lotte and fourth-place Rakuten.

Lotte has 2 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws so far, and Rakuten has 69 wins, 68 losses and 5 draws, making the difference between the two teams 70.70, and the scheduled match on the 2th was postponed due to rain, and the final match between these two teams will be held at Rakuten Mobile Park Miyagi from 0 pm on the 5th.

In the match on the 9th, Lotte will win or draw, and if Rakuten wins, they will advance to the Climax Series for the first time in two years.

In addition, if Lotte wins, they will replace SoftBank, who lost in the final round, to secure second place, and the first stage of the climax series will be held at their home base.

Lotte is pitcher Kazuya Kojima, who has started six games against Rakuten this season and is 10-6, with a 2.10 ERA against Rakuten, who has started seven games against Lotte this season and has a 2-2 record and a 6.0 ERA.

NHK will broadcast the match between Rakuten and Lotte on BS1.