Lotte manager Rihito Yoshii, who is in third place in the professional baseball Pacific League and is vying for the remaining spot in the Climax Series, said ahead of the final game against Rakuten on the 3th, which was postponed due to rain, "There is nothing in particular because it is the final game, and I want Kojima, who is the starter, to pitch as usual."

In the Pacific League, 3rd place Lotte and 4th place Rakuten are fighting for the remaining spot in the climax series, and in the head-to-head match of the final game of this season, which was postponed to the 10th due to rain, Lotte will win or draw, and if Rakuten wins, they will advance to the first stage against SoftBank starting on the 14th of this month.

The Lotte players practiced at Rakuten Mobile Park Miyagi, where the match will be held on the 10th, and while it was raining lightly on the ground, pitchers such as pitcher Kazuya Kojima, who is scheduled to start on the 10th, worked out by sprinting and catching.

After the practice, Coach Yoshii expressed his intention to approach the game with a calm mindset, saying, "I don't have anything in particular because it's the final game," and said of Kojima, "I think everyone is nervous, so I think it's a professional pitcher to be able to pitch in that situation. I want Kojima to pitch as usual."

Kojima also commented through the team, "When I saw the faces of my teammates in practice, I felt a little different from yesterday.