The Hangzhou Asian Games are coming to an end, and the Asian Para Games are gaining momentum. The 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou will be held from October 10 to 22, in order to successfully hold the Hangzhou Asian Para Games and achieve the goal of "two Asian Games, equally wonderful", the competition venues, airports and other aspects are currently making every effort to do a good job in the conversion to the Asian Para Games.

It is understood that the Hangzhou Asian Para Games set up 8 competition areas such as Hangzhou Gongshu and West Lake, and among the 19 competition venues, 2 competition venues are used independently by the Asian Para Games, and the remaining 17 Asian Games venues are shared with the Asian Games and converted after the Asian Games. According to reports, the fixed barrier-free facilities of the current 19 competition venues have all been completed, and have been accepted and tested for experience. The conversion period is mainly aimed at the erection and installation of temporary barrier-free facilities, involving areas including arrival, departure, passage, spectating, award ceremony, press releases, athletes' lounges, athletes' service areas, etc. According to the plan, the conversion of all competition venues will be completed by October 10.

In addition to the competition venues, as the basic supporting project of this Asian Games and Asian Para Games, Xiaoshan International Airport T4 Terminal shoulders the important task of arrival and departure services, starting from the 9th, the special passage of Xiaoshan Airport Asian Games will be transformed into a special passage for the Asian Para Games. According to the setting of the arrival and departure flow line of the Asian Para Games, the organizational structure and personnel, barrier-free facilities and temporary equipment, materials and equipment, guidance signs, arrival and departure management systems and other aspects will be transformed.

(Main station reporter Wang Jie Yin Zhilei)