Beijing, 10 Oct (Zhongxin Net) -- Tonight, Hangzhou is most remembered

Author: Liu Xingchen

September cold and white, six levels of autumn grass yellow.

October 10 coincides with the traditional Chinese 8 solar terms - cold dew. In the autumn season of the handover of Hegui, the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, bid farewell to everyone.

Starting from the autumnal equinox and finally cold dew, two elegant time nodes linked the 15-day Asian Games period.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

At the opening ceremony, the beautiful picture scroll with culture as the background told the romantic imagination of Jiangnan.

Jiang Nanyi, the most remembered is Hangzhou.

When this ancient phrase is distilled into the theme of the closing ceremony, ancient civilization and modern culture are perfectly integrated here.

"Most Remembered" is the glorious moment when the Asian Games athletes won the crown, the farewell after countless touches inside and outside the arena, and the bright smiles of millions of Hangzhou citizens and volunteers...

Jiangnan is good, and the love is long. From anticipation to meeting, from reunion to farewell, "Climbing Flowers and Giving Friends" conveys the farewell gift, and "Hegui Symbiosis" conveys the feeling of harmony and symbiosis.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Jia Tianyong

On the bank of the Qiantang River, the "Big Lotus" Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium is brightly lit.

"I love Hangzhou, thank you Hangzhou." At the closing ceremony, Singh, acting president of the Olympic Council of Asia, made these remarks the voice of too many people at home and abroad.

If you compare West Lake to Xizi, light makeup is always appropriate. The short film "Asian Games Gathering Tide" presented by anthropomorphic narrative means shows the beautiful side face of Hangzhou. The beauty of Hangzhou can also be seen in Hangzhou.

Thousand-year-old civilization and modern technology collide, under the bright starlight, the end of the world is at this time.

Photo by Shi Chunyang

With the help of virtual AR visual effects, the "Asia" logo gushes out of the river and stands above the Qiantang River. The actor held the "Qianjiang Tide" props, and he gushed out infinite passion. When the heavenly sound of "Jiangnan Good" fluttered through the audience, a heart-pounding sports carnival began.

One Asia, hand in hand. A "flower of memory" symbolizing the Hangzhou Asian Games quietly bloomed, and the little girl held the blooming "flower of memory" to all the "you" who participated in this Asian Games.

With the help of virtual AR visual effects, 19 giant osmanthus flowers growing upwards, surrounding AR brilliant flowers, and "Asia" platforms form a thriving "Asian Garden". Colors converge, lakes and seas shine together, and the people of Asia are thriving.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Amid the soft and happy music, delegations from 45 countries and regions in Asia walked to the center of the stage. Track and field sprinter Xie Zhenye held the national flag at the forefront of China's sports delegation. In this competition, as a veteran, he won two gold medals.

There are three autumn laurels, ten lily lotus flowers. During the cold dew season, Hegui bid farewell.

He Gui Shenghui, condensing the struggle and glory of the Asian Games. The sweat and moving tears of the Asian Games athletes condensed into the "dewdrop girl" in the center of the lotus leaf, gathering a little light.

Above the stage, the "Lotus Girl Gui" representing lotus flowers and osmanthus as a typical "Jiangnan" image danced lightly and flew over the audience. In the CNC lawn, the silhouettes of various sports such as butterfly swimming and running emerge one by one.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Hangzhou, China, Nagoya, Japan, two cities join forces tonight to paint the picture of Asia in the name of sports.

The concept of the Hangzhou Asian Games translates into four beams of light that travel to the city of Nagoya, located near the geographical center of Japan. Red, purple, gold and green form the emblem of the 20th Asian Games in Aichi-Nagoya.

The Aichi-Nagoya Asian Games will be held from September 2026 to October 9, 19. THE SLOGAN "IMAGINE ONE ASIA" MEANS IMAGINING A UNITED ASIA THROUGH THE POWER OF SPORT.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

The most remembered is Hangzhou. Poetry and painting Zhejiang, the time is unforgettable. The short film takes "farewell" as the main line, with foreign tourists, Asian Games volunteers, and Hangzhou citizens as the main characters, both inside and outside the arena, all of whom are empathetic people who are with the Asian Games.

Say goodbye and look forward to seeing each other.

During the opening ceremony, billions of stars converged into the "digital torchbearer". Today, it has its own name – Tide Maker.

Love together, shine in Asia.

This time, it transformed into a starry sky, sprinkled to Hangzhou, and flew into the future.

Photo by Chinese and Singapore reporter Luo Yunfei

"Tide Maker" ran into the closing ceremony from far and near. As the cauldron slowly extinguished, it went into the distance.

The "torch" is passed down, and the power of sports lasts forever.

Heart to heart, connect with you and me, and rush to the future.

At the end of the closing ceremony, six groups of floats adopted a miniature landscape approach, echoing the urban elements - "Three Pools and Seal Moon" in Hangzhou, "Tianyi Pavilion" in Ningbo, "Five Horse Sculpture" in Wenzhou, "Green Water and Green Mountains" in Huzhou, "Lanting Yaji" in Shaoxing, and "Yixin Ou Train" in Jinhua.

Sport knows no borders and meets sometimes. In three years, we'll see you later. (End)