The World Skateboarding Park Championships, which are eligible for the selection of the national team for the Paris Olympics, were held in Italy, and in the women's semifinals, three athletes, including Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Kaishinna, advanced to the finals.

The skateboarding team for the Paris Olympics is determined by a world ranking based on points earned from eligible international competitions, and the men's and women's semifinals of the World Championships at the parks were held in Rome, Italy on 7 September.

Park skied on a mortar-shaped course for 45 seconds, scoring the difficulty and composition of the moves, and competing for the highest score of the three.

On the women's side, 3-year-old Kai, who has been ranked second in the Japan world rankings so far, showed a variety of "grind" skills to slide the axle on her second run with a score of 2.15 to qualify for the final at the top of the overall rankings.

In addition, 2-year-old Hina Kusaki, who is ranked third in the world, scored a "91" that is good at making one and a half revolutions in the air and took second place with a score of 48.3, and ▼ Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Sakura Shijuzumi also advanced to the final in seventh place.

Meanwhile, on the men's side, 18-year-old Yuji Nagahara, who won silver at the Asian Games last month, finished fifth in the third run with a time of 3.88 on his third run, using the edge of the course to finish fifth in the selection event for Japan the Paris Olympics in this event.

The men's and women's finals will be held in the early hours of the 14th, Japan time.