Simone Biles further magnified her legend after winning her twenty-third gold medal in a World Championships, by winning this Sunday in the balance beam and jumping finals in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

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Antwerp World Cup.

The new jump of Simone Biles, with three meters of height upside down and 150 revolutions per minute: "It has changed gymnastics"

  • Writing: MIGUEL A. HERGUEDAS Madrid

The new jump of Simone Biles, with three meters of height upside down and 150 revolutions per minute: "It has changed gymnastics"

If on Saturday Biles had to 'settle' for only one silver medal, after being surpassed in the floor final by Brazilian Rebeca Andrade, this Sunday she made it clear why she is unanimously considered the best gymnast of all time.

She showed it on the balance beam, in which she already achieved the best score of all the participants in the qualifying round and was again the best with a brilliant exercise without any cracks.

The Ohio, who had already hung in Antwerp the gold medal in both the individual and the team competition, achieved the first position with a score of 14.800 points.

A tenth of a point more than China's Yaqin Zhou, silver with 14.700, and half a point more than Brazil's Rebeca Andrade, who occupied the last step of the podium with a score of 14.300.

The triumph did not appease the voracity of Simone Biles, who just an hour later climbed back to the top of the podium after winning the floor final with a score of 14.633 points.

Not even a small failure in the third diagonal, in which she took a foot off the mat, which cost her a penalty of 0.100 points, prevented the victory of Biles, who starts with a note of difficulty unattainable for the rest of her rivals.

In fact, both Rebeca Andrade, silver, and Flavia Saraiva, bronze, achieved in the final a better performance note than the American, but the greater complexity of the elements of Biles, who started with a difficulty score of 6,700, relegated the two Brazilians to second and third place, respectively.

Although the gap seems to be narrowing, as evidenced by the 0.133 points with which Andrade, who achieved a score of 14.500, had to settle for the silver medal, while Saraiva won the bronze with a score of 13.966.

A demonstration of the constant progression of Brazilian gymnastics, although insufficient to stop Cyclone Biles, who in her return to the great competition after renouncing to participate in the final of the complete contest of the last Olympic Games in Tokyo to take care of her mental health, endorsed her status as the undisputed queen of world gymnastics.


A crown that in the men's category was girded by the Japanese Daiki Hashimoto, who added this Sunday to the title of world champion in the category by sets and in the individual, the gold medal in the fixed bar final.

Hashimoto, who last year had to settle for silver at the World Championships in Liverpool, won with a score of 15.233 with the victory ahead of the Croatian Tin Srbic, silver with 14.700, and the Chinese Weide Su, bronze with 14.500 points.

Also up one place on the podium in relation to the past World Cups in Liverpool the German Lukas Dauser, who won with a score of 15,400 in the final of parallels to the Chinese Cong Shi, second with 15,066, and the Japanese Kaito Sugimoto, third with 15,000 units.

The British Jake Jarman was crowned with a score of 15.050 new world champion of jumping, in a final in which the American Khoi Young hung the silver with a qualification of 14.849 and the Ukrainian Nazar Chepurnyi the bronze with a score of 14.766.