Häcken chased an equaliser against Hammarby at Tele2, but the chase was temporarily interrupted.

Beer was thrown in

In the 77th minute, referee Glenn Nyberg was forced to stop the game and the players had to leave the field. Per Eliasson, match delegate at Swedish Professional Football Leagues, informs that the reason for the interruption was that beer was thrown onto the pitch that hit both players and assistant referees.

"It's work environment problems that cause a match interruption," says Eliasson.

After a ten-minute break, the game could be resumed, and after the final whistle, Samuel Gustafson was furious about the situation.

"Not good enough"

"We have to get rid of it. It's not good enough that the safety of players is at risk.

Gustafson is supported by Hammarby's goal scorer Nahir Besara.

"It's not part of football. The referee doesn't deserve to have beer on him, so it's sad. That's not what Hammarby stands for," says Besara.

The game between Hammarby and Häcken ended 2-2, after Momodou Sonko saved a point in the final minutes.