In the Rugby World Cup France, Japan lost to Argentina in the final match of the first round, failing to advance to the final tournament for the second consecutive time.

However, even if they were in the lead, the Japan national team continued to eat, and after the match, words such Japan as "nice game" became a trend on SNS to congratulate the national team.

【Click here for details】Japan Failed to advance to the final tournament for the second consecutive tournament

Attention is high

The Japan Rugby National Team attracted a lot of attention because the result of their match against Argentina on the 8th decided whether they would "advance through the first round" or "be eliminated", and words related to rugby such as "Rugby World Cup", "Argentina", and "final tournament" became trending one after another on SNS even before the match started.

Drop goal to take a two-point lead

In the 16th minute of the second half, Lemeki Romano Lava scored a surprise drop goal to close the gap to two goals at 20-22.

"Drop goal came! 2 points lead!"
"Lemeki's drop goal was the highlight of the day" "It was 100 times cooler than the try"

"Drop Goal" and "Remeky" became a trend, and it was exciting.

Rikiya Matsuda succeeded in all four kicks

Stand-off Rikiya Matsuda, who kicked well in this tournament, succeeded in all four of his kicks, including one penalty kick and three conversion kicks, and his kick success rate reached 1%.

On SNS, "Matsuda's Kick" became a trend.

In an interview after the match, Matsuda cried and said, "There was a lot of support and I wanted to return the favor by winning, but I'm sorry."

In response to this...

"I'm sorry Matsuda, thank you for a good match," he said,
"How much excitement was made by Matsuda's kick. I just want to thank you for a really good performance".

Comments on Matsuda were made one after another.

"Nice game" and "Japan disappointing"

After the game, with words such as "nice game" and "Japan disappointing" ...

"It was a nice game, but I'm going to sleep tomorrow" "
I was frustrated because of the nice game, I did my best!! Thank you for your hard work!!"
"Japan disappointing, but it was great... Thank you for the impression that made me stronger Japan "Japan
sorry Japan! I'm happy that the last three tournaments have become strong enough to be able to compete with the world's strongest countries."

Posts praising these Japan representatives were posted one after another.