Luleå dominated the basketball league last year, with only one loss in twenty games. The giants from the north were thus big favorites before the premiere match against Alvik, but got off to a nightmare start.

Tough start for Luleå

The visitors had a hard time getting the game under control, while Alvik took the opportunity to create a big lead (10-1).

However, Luleå worked their way into the game and totally dominated in the second period. Robbi Ryan was dominant on the pitch and delivered 22 points to the visitors.

Luleå won the game 77-51.

"Super excited"

"We didn't start the game in the best way. It may have been a little nerve-wracking, but we get in well pretty quickly," says Josefin Vesterberg.

"We come out super excited and stick to the game plan, but then we let them get into their game," says Alvik's Karoline Teigland.

In her SBL debut, Luleå's Tiffanie Barbosa accounted for four points. In addition, Emma Lundgren and Linn Rydin also played their first games in the league.