Hanna Öberg had a dream start to the 2022-2023 World Cup season and won the distance race in Kontiolahti. After that, she missed the podium in race after race. And after the sprint Le Grand Bornand, Annecy, she was "fed up with everything".

"I was quite frustrated. Is it worth it when I don't think it's fun? I didn't think it was that fun," she says in the documentary series Best When It Counts, which follows the biathlon team during last year's season.

"A new feeling"

Öberg continues:

"I think it was the first time that I thought that there is more to it than going around to competitions and camps, it was a new feeling.

The Swedish star explains that the mental aspect plays a big role in biathlon. Success or failure – it's often decided in a matter of seconds.

"I have to believe in it, that I can, but with shooting, it's a lot about having the right focus, aware and present in the moment when you're on the shooting range," says Hanna Öberg.

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