The former canoeist Agneta Andersson passed away in hospital after a period of illness.

"We haven't been in close contact in recent years, but it's clear that we've had a long relationship. We have grown up together in canoeing a little bit. Our paths have followed each other for many years. Both when we were active and when I was the national team coach," says Sundqvist.

Sundqvist, who has won gold at the World Championships as an athlete and was the national coach at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, remembers Andersson fondly. As an athlete, he saw the winning mentality as her greatest strength.

"She was really the best when it mattered. That was her hallmark," he says and continues:

"Sometimes she wasn't at her best, but when it came to the decisive moments, she was the best when it counted. She had an ability that I've only seen in a few athletes at all. She was able to bring out the strength and be mentally strong when it matters most. Not least in 1996 when she and Susanne won.

There is no doubt about how highly Sundqvist holds the three-time Olympic gold medalist.

"She is one of Sweden's best athletes of all time. There's no question about it.

Watch highlights from Agneta Andersson's career in the player below.

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Photo: Björn Tilly / BILDBYRÅN