Dalian, October 10 (Reporter Bian Liqun) After ending the unsatisfactory Chengdu training and warm-up match, after nearly a month, the national football team assembled again for training in Dalian on the 8th.

Compared with the previous training camps, the biggest change on the training ground of the national football team this time is that there are many more young faces.

With the Asian Games team's young players returning and the last two warm-up rivals Vietnam and Uzbekistan ahead of the World Qualifiers, the time has come for the national football team to see the truth.

National football training ground. China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

Big "exchange blood"

Before the field training on the evening of the 7th, the national football team announced that goalkeeper Ma Zhen and defender Wei Zhen replaced veterans Liu Dianzao and Zhang Linpeng who were absent due to physical reasons.

As a result, the national football team was forced to become more rejuvenated. Compared with the last training in Chengdu, it can be called a "big blood exchange". In the list of 26 people, there are 5 newcomers in the absolute sense of Ma Zhen, Ye Lijiang, Xie Weijun, He Yupeng, and Fang Hao.

The 11 people in the last training list did not make it to this list, of course, Lin Liangming and Li Shuai among them were injured and have not yet recovered from their injuries.

After completing the "blood exchange", the average age of the national football team has dropped to 27.8 years old, and the number of veterans who have reached 30 years old and above has been reduced to 11, and most of them are in their early 30s. The only players aged 34 and above are Wu Xi, Tan Long, Axon and Wang Dalei.

The national football team is in training. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

"Spirit of sacrifice"

The evening of the 7th was the first venue training of the national football team training in Dalian, mainly focusing on recovery. At the beginning of the training period, it was mostly fun training, the players laughed constantly, and the overall atmosphere was good.

Among the players participating in this training, except for Zhu Chenjie, who was injured during the Asian Games competition, all participated in the joint training. Young players such as Gao Tianyi and Dai Weijun in the Asian Games team returned to the national football team after a long absence.

Coupled with Xie Weijun, Fang Hao and other players who were selected for the national football team for the first time, from the perspective of perception, this training brings people some new ideas.

Talking about the team's "new blood", Jankovic said: "In fact, during the East Asian Cup last year, we were a young team, under pressure to compete with stronger opponents. That's when I looked at which players were able to groom and cope with the game under pressure. ”

"The most important thing for me is that the young players who are selected for the national team, everyone has to be very motivated, have the desire to play for the country and work hard. Hopefully, they will be sacrificed and think first about how they can contribute to the team, not about themselves. ”

Jankovic was interviewed. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

See the real chapter

According to the schedule, the national football team will play against Vietnam and Uzbekistan on the 10th and 16th respectively, both of which have left bitter memories of Chinese football in the World Preliminary Round.

In terms of strength, these two warm-up matches can also reach the intensity of the World Preliminary Round. It will be a good preview for the national team, which will face Thailand and South Korea in the World Qualifiers in November. At the same time, this will also be the last warm-up training opportunity for the national football team before entering the World Preliminary Round, and it is time to show the real chapter.

The national football team is in training. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

In the two warm-up matches of the previous Chengdu training camp, the national football team drew 1:1 with Malaysia and lost 0:1 to the "bitter master" Syria, which attracted a lot of doubts from the outside world.

Jankovic also admitted that the first two warm-up games were not very good, and there were some problems in the offensive end, especially when the opponent defended low. 'Overall, the energy of the team needs to be a little bit bigger and we have to be motivated to correct the problems that happened before.

The national football team is in training. Photo by China News Network reporter Bian Liqun

Based on the current situation of the team, whether there will be certain changes in tactics and lineup formation, Jankovic revealed that there will be some necessary minor adjustments, but there will be no particularly significant changes.

"Because it has been a long time before, including the new players, everyone has a clear understanding of the requirements of the team, and many young players have worked with before." Jankovic said. (End)