It was a shot from captain Sarah Hjalmarsson that didn't make it all the way to the finish, but needed a little help from teammate Kristyna Patkova. It was the Czech's second goal of the encounter.

"I think we work well together. She's a player who works hard so it's fun to play with her," said Hjalmarsson.

"Upside Down"

That gave Linköping 4-1, which was the final score in the match against Djurgården. The consolation goal, which tied the game at 1-1 for Djurgården at the start of the second half, was Nicole Hall's fifth in five SDHL games.

But Djurgården was never closer than that. But despite that, Hjalmarsson was not entirely satisfied after the final whistle.

"The game is up and down from our side, but we shut it down at the end so it's nice to get three points," said Hjalmarsson.

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