• Football The reborn Oyarzabal, top scorer 'txuri urdin' of the XXI century, threatens a decimated Atlético

Atlético de Madrid closes its particular summer of San Miguel with a new victory. Five in as many games. Never has a heat wave done so much for a team's results. Even if it was a dubious penalty and even if it was with a war report worthy of World War II. Atletico triumphed in hell, theirs. (2-1)

It was more of a San Isidro afternoon in Las Ventas than an afternoon of football. The fans moved in the Metropolitan as if waiting for the exit of bulls from a morlaco from a hard cattle ranch. And La Real did not disappoint and came out like a Miura, so much so as to score the first goal of the game at 14 seconds. A goal that Simeone hates, kicking back and Oyarzábal being the smartest in the class. Too clever. Offside.

La Real maintained possession, but the pace plummeted five minutes later. Six games in two weeks weigh on anyone's legs. But, contrary to the opinion of his coach, less in those of the red-and-white players. Let's call it commitment, sacrifice or "unity" as Simeone said in the previous one. The fact is that, in his style, Atletico was better.

The first scare was De Paul after a pass behind Lino in the front, but his control went long and the ball ended up tame in the hands of Remiro. He is not yet the De Paul of the World Cup. However, Lino has fallen on his feet in the lineups and in the thinking of his coach and, each game, gives him more reasons for it.

In this, a goal. The first of his account with Atletico. The Brazilian took advantage of a nap from Traoré on the side and collected a long pass from Koke at his back. After a carrerita, he finished strong next to the goalkeeper and Remiro decided not to defend his stick everything he should. Yes, he did after a great pass from De Paul to Griezmann, but the Frenchman's shot went to the side of the net.

He was active on seven against his former team and one of his favorite rivals, although it sounds repetitive, seven goals since he left the txuriurdin team. Nor is Morata bad, the European pichichi with 10 goals, ahead of Haaland and Mbappé at the beginning of this day. The Spaniard has scored five goals in seven games against Imanol.

The txuriurdin coach does not know how to get his hands on Simeone's team. It is the only team that has been unable to win away and without shooting on goal it is very difficult to do so. La Real played without edge and while he did the Atlético almost goes to the break with the two to zero if De Paul starts a beautiful rehearsed play. After a lateral foul thrown by Griezmann on the edge of the area, Koke lets it pass and the Argentine, to place, puts the ball in the crossbar.

Griezmann in a kick against Real Sociedad.SERGIO PEREZEFE

On the other hand, the first realistic opportunity was on the verge of the break of a measured lateral center of the disappeared Kubo to the head of Oyarzábal, who can not give direction to goal. Six red-and-white shots against a realistic one before the break. So, impossible.

The second half began with the same script, only changing the sun in the Metropolitan, which moved from the north end to the stand. Lateral foul and an athletic ball to the post. In this case it was Witsel, who finished alone, less than two meters from Remiro's goal, somewhat heeled, yes.

At least five minutes later, La Real took their first shot on goal of the game. De Brais, and soft, but on goal. La Real would try again with a good individual play by Oyarzábal, but his shot with the right went to the post. It seemed to wake up the Real and sleep the Atletico. Who was wide awake was Munuera who, after a warning from the VAR because a shot by Brais hit Morata's hand, decided not to take a penalty. It was stuck to the chest, but in this lottery, you never know.


La Real would end its rebirth with a flag goal. Against two touches, but go touches. The displacement of Carlos Fernández, who had replaced Kubo was a delicacy, but no less good the control and definition of Oyarzábal, who had never marked Atletico. Mini match of 15 minutes.

Equality and fear of losing the good run and the sensations of both sets. More depleted the Atlético at the level of bench, without solutions the Cholo by the numerous casualties to go looking for the clash. Riquelme the only change with offensive mordant and so he showed it in a shot at point-blank range that stopped Remiro five from the end.

Then, and out of nowhere, after a good combination of Atletico, penalty in favor of the whole of Cholo that caught in a hubbub an untimely hand of Carlos Fernández. That said, a lottery. Griezmann, of course, closed the scoring and the perfect summer of the mattresses. San Miguel and Simeone will be proud.

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