The flame of the Asian Games ignited the passion of the Chinese people

The light of the Asian Games reflects the land of China

The 15th Asian Games in Hangzhou, which lasted for 19 competition days

The curtain is coming to an end

At noon on October 10, all events of the Hangzhou Asian Games were completed. The Chinese delegation ended the 8 gold medal and achieved the best result in the history of Asian Games. Since the 201th Asian Games in 1982, the Chinese sports delegation topped the gold medal list of the Asian Games for the eleventh consecutive time. Congratulate!

"Talent is endless"

"This action is also too good, too silky

Shocked me for 300 years"

"I'll spend my life only making one last move

- Hands thanks"

During the Asian Games, on the Internet

Like this to participating athletes

Reviews that do not hesitate to praise abound

In this grand event of sports competition in Asian countries

A group of athletes who are not afraid of difficulties and challenges

For the honor of the family and country

Use their sweat and tears to compose a piece of struggle

The Hangzhou Asian Games is nearing its end

These super-burning moments on and off the field

It will remain in the memory forever

In 16 days, 45 members of the Olympic Council of Asia and more than 1,2 athletes gathered in "Zhejiang", vividly interpreting the charm of sports. They not only fought tenaciously, challenged the limit, surpassed themselves, but also demonstrated Asia's superb competitive level in many sports, set a number of event records and world records, but also got together through sports bridges, gained sincere friendship, and interpreted the touching story of people-to-people bonding.

"Iron Warrior" Zhang Yufei and Chijiang Lihuazi, who made a difficult comeback after suffering from leukemia, cherished each other, hugged and cried;

When 48-year-old Chusovykina greeted the audience with open arms, the audience responded with warm applause;

Vietnamese swimmer Vu Thi Mei Xian swam the last 100 meters "alone" accompanied by the competitors and spectators;

Cambodia's 84-year-old Jiang Mingting and Thailand's 14-year-old Natarini competed against their opponents in the individual chess competition, making the "Hangzhou Asian Games with the largest age difference" a beautiful talk...

Some netizens left a message: "No medals are heroes." "What we need is not necessarily a gold medal, but what we need to see is the fighting spirit of athletes, even if they lose in the end, they can accept it, after all, you worked hard, cheer for your hard work."

In the past days, on the field, athletes of different regions and ages have written different chapters of the Asian Games with their own unique experiences, and the excitement of sports is not only in the gold medal, these stories that have nothing to do with winning or losing are also worthy of applause!

This autumn, thank you for the emotion and warmth.

There are no low-hanging fruit victories

Only unreserved struggle

Pay tribute to every hard worker who wins glory for the country

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