Hangzhou, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- "Through grass and flowing water, climbing flowers and giving gifts to people from afar." The Hangzhou Asian Games schedule came to an end on the 8th, looking back on this sports feast connecting Asia and the world, there were laughter and tears, successes and failures, peaks and troughs, regrets and surprises. When the Chinese Legion set a new record in the history of the Asian Games, one by one the "stars of stars" shone on the shores of Xizi Lake.

On the evening of September 9, the swimming competition of the 29th Asian Games in Hangzhou ended at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming Center, and Zhang Yufei showed off his six gold medals won in the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tang Yanjun

Zhang Yufei - If you want to choose the "multi-gold king" of this competition, Zhang Yufei is a name that cannot be avoided. The women's 50m, 100m, 200m butterfly, women's 4x100m freestyle relay, mixed 4x100m medley relay, women's 50m freestyle, 6 gold medals show her all-round ability in the pool.

Zhang Yufei rose to prominence in the World Series at the age of 17. Subsequently, from the Rio Olympics to the Tokyo Olympics, Zhang Yufei gradually became the mainstay of the Chinese swimming team. In the pool in Paris next year, Zhang Yufei's performance is expected.

Quan Hongchan - In the swimming and diving hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Quan Hongchan and Chen Qianxi won the "fault" championship in the women's double 10-meter platform competition. In the women's 10-meter platform final, she and Chen Qianxi's "Immortal Fight" showed Olympic-level competition, and Quan Hongchan's second jump "407C" scored 7 out of 10 points, and finally reversed Chen Qianxi to win gold.

From the Olympic Games to the Asian Games, from the World Championships to the World Cup, the 16-year-old Quan Hongchan has won all the gold medals. In the future, "Splash Disappearance" will continue to be staged.

Zhu Xueying - After losing the 2019 World Trampoline Championships, Zhu Xueying draws strength from adversity. In 2021, she won the gold medal in the women's trampoline event at the Tokyo Olympics, becoming China's fourth trampoline Olympic champion.

Zhu Xueying's dream and goal is not just an Olympic champion, but a trampoline event "Grand Slam". Now, the five-year-awaited Asian Games gold medal has brought her one step closer to her goal.

Gong Lijiao - accumulating, spinning, throwing, the shot ball cuts an arc in the air... With a score of 19.58 meters, Gong Lijiao achieved three consecutive championships in the Asian Games. At the same time, China's women's shot put also won gold at the 12th consecutive Asian Games.

In fact, the 34-year-old Gong Lijiao has already realized her dream of winning the Olympic Games and the World Slam, but she still intends to continue to move forward during the Paris Olympic cycle.

On October 10, the team finals and individual finals of the equestrian triathlon at the Hangzhou Asian Games were held. China's Hua Tian won the individual gold medal in show jumping at the equestrian triathlon. Photo by China News Agency reporter Jia Tianyong

Hua Tian – In Beijing in 2008, Hua Tian became the first equestrian triathlete in China's Olympic history to officially debut, when he was 18 years old; In 2023, Hangzhou, Huatian has passed its first Asian Games equestrian triathlon - show jumping individual gold medal for China.

"We have good young riders who are very talented and have a great team, so I am very confident that Chinese equestrian will achieve good results in the future." Hua Tian said.

Zhang Boheng - In the competitive gymnastics event of this Asian Games, Zhang Boheng won three gold medals in men's team, individual all-around and horizontal bar, and performed brilliantly.

From losing the Olympic Games to the new "all-round king" of men's gymnastics at the Asian Games, Zhang Boheng is ready, and in Paris, he will still overcome difficulties.

Wang Siyu - For Chinese women's basketball guard Wang Siyu, "lore" is a gene engraved in her bones.

In the women's basketball final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, 13 seconds before the end of the game, Japan chased the score to 72 draws. Subsequently, Wang Siyu hit two points under the basket to fix the final score at 74-72, and the Chinese women's basketball team successfully defended its title.

Admittedly, for Wang Siyu and the Chinese women's basketball team, next year's Paris will be the best stage for the "Fearless Cam Ranh" to bloom.

Chen Lijun - from losing to Kim Eun-guk at the Incheon Asian Games to missing the Jakarta Asian Games; From his retirement due to injury at the Rio Olympics to his victory at the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Lijun's career has interpreted that "the road to success is always full of thorns".

World Championship Champion, Asian Championship Champion, Olympic Champion, Chen Lijun's championship puzzle lacks only one Asian Games champion. This time, the veteran will finalize the "Grand Slam" in Hangzhou.

Huang Yuting - Since ancient heroes came out of youth, 17-year-old Huang Yuting won three gold medals in all the competitions she participated in in the 10-meter air rifle. The honor of "Three Gold Kings" made her a shining star in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the international arena, the strength of China's women's air rifle is at the top level, and Huang Yuting can still maintain a stable state and excellent results in the face of fierce competition, and people have reason to believe that Huang Yuting will have a better future.

On September 9, the men's team final of table tennis at the Hangzhou Asian Games was held. China defeated South Korea 26-3 to win the eighth consecutive championship in the event. The picture shows China's Ma Long celebrating a score during the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Luo Yunfei

Ma Long - "The biggest difference in this Asian Games is that there is no next time. After the Asian Games table tennis men's team final, the 34-year-old "dragon team" said frankly.

In the final of the men's table tennis team at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Ma Long faced the impact of South Korea's Park Kang-hyun and defeated his opponent in straight sets to seal the gold medal for the Chinese team.

Played for the national team for 20 years, more than 20 world championships, double-lap Grand Slams, super slams... Ma Long's table tennis career is full of honors and achievements, as the leader of the Chinese table tennis team, his farewell can be called the end of an era, and his legend will continue forever. (End)