Beijing, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- The Hangzhou Asian Games are beautiful, and these moments are tearful

China News Agency reporter Xing Rui

The flame of the Asian Games ignited the passion of the Chinese people, the light of the Asian Games reflected the land of Shenzhou, and the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou came to an end on October 10. Competitive sports are brutal and warm at the same time. Since the start of the competition, there have been touching moments inside and outside the arena, interpreting love stories one after another. Kindness, friendship, solidarity, progress... These beautiful pictures were vividly displayed on the stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Brothers in all corners, who are passers-by

At the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Syrian delegation, which only had 8 people, entered with a national flag, and the kind Chinese audience sent the warmest cheers and applause to friends from afar.

Every time they appear in the international arena, Syrian players show the world unlimited vitality and vitality. In boxing, athlete Ahmed Gousson won a bronze medal for the war-torn country. As the flag bearer of the Syrian delegation at the opening ceremony, Ahmed Gousson said: "The crisis in Syria has been going on for more than a decade, and the moment I wave the flag, I hope that the world can see the smiling faces of Syrians. ”

Although China and Syria are geographically far apart, the goodwill shown by the Chinese people has narrowed the emotional distance with the Syrian people. Through the opening ceremony, the friendship and humility shown by the Chinese people will contribute to the enhancement of Sino-Syrian friendship.

The sea has a confidant, and the end of the world is like a neighbor

The Asian Games arena is full of warmth. On the last match day of Keru Jitsu, China's Liu Yi defeated Iran's to win the gold medal in the women's 87kg category. Facing the reporter's long gun and short cannon, Liu Yi cried with joy in the mixed mining area.

"I couldn't control my tears on the field, and I had gone through too much preparation, including my own injuries and repeated injuries, and then to technical transformation. It was not easy to assemble the Jiu-Jitsu team, and thanks to everyone's efforts. Looking at Liu Yi, who was in tears, the Iranian athlete who won the silver medal gave her a heart-warming kiss, and the two hugged and encouraged each other.

At this moment, the flower of friendship bloomed in the arena, and the true feelings of sympathy between athletes touched countless viewers in front of the screen. At this moment, competitive sports are not only cold wins and losses, but also the goodwill between opponents on the field, friends on the field, and athletes makes sports a little more warm.

Lao Ji is determined to be thousands of miles

From an unknown throwing newcomer to a shot put star in the arena, Gong Lijiao, who is no longer young, is still fighting for the goal in his heart. However, as he grew older, Gong Lijiao obviously felt that his physical function was gradually declining, and his injury recovery and physical stretch were not as good as before.

However, she did not choose to retire after success, still full of motivation and drive, and continued to train boring day after day, just to break through the limits and pursue her dreams. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, she won the gold medal with a score of 19.58 meters, but she was still far from her ultimate dream of 21 meters.

Four Asian Games races and three top podiums, nothing is more moving than sticking to your dreams. "After winning the championship, walking down the podium and starting all over again is really difficult. But I just think I like it. Because you love it, you persevere. Gong Lijiao said.

Now that the Paris Olympics are approaching, the 34-year-old will continue to challenge the limits and surpass himself without regrets with the goal of defending and breaking through.

Home to home, heart to heart

In the group stage of the Asian Games men's football team, Chinese Taipei suffered a crushing defeat and unfortunately went out. However, they were disappointed in the arena, but they received unexpected touching and warmth.

When leaving the arena, the fans used a standing ovation and shouted "Come on" to convey their support and blessings to their compatriots, making them feel great encouragement and comfort as if they were at home, and swept away the regret and haze of being out of the game. This scene moved the Chinese Taipei men's football team manager to tears, and he frequently paid tribute and thanks to the fans. At this moment, the emotional resonance echoed on the green field for a long time, making countless audiences on both sides of the Taiwan Strait heart and heart of each other unforgettable.

Sport is a bond that connects emotions and friendships, as well as bridges that promote exchange and cooperation. The warmth and friendliness of Hangzhou fans not only warmed the Chinese Taipei men's football team, but also showed the friendliness and unity of the Chinese nation to Asia and the world. (End)