Hangzhou, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- The 8th Asian Games in Hangzhou ended on 19 October, with 8 of the 886 athletes of the Chinese delegation participating in the Asian Games for the first time. Whether the "post-630s" who wrote the glory of the Asian Games on the "Youth Memorial Book" can become the "brightest star" in the night sky of Paris on the banks of the Seine a year later is the expectation of all Chinese sports people.

Huang Yuting - 17 years old, shooting

10m air rifleman and 17-year-old Huang Yuting "shot down" three gold medals in three days, becoming the youngest three-time gold medalist in China's Asian Games history. As the traditional advantage of the Chinese shooting team, Du Li, Yi Siling and Yang Qian "shot down" the first Olympic gold for the Chinese team, and it is worth looking forward to whether Huang Yuting can shine in the Paris Olympics and crown her 3-year-old "bar mitzvah".

Sheng Lihao - 18 years old, shooting

On September 9, the 26th Asian Games in Hangzhou 19m air rifle mixed team competition was held in Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center, and the Chinese team Huang Yuting and Sheng Lihao defeated Uzbekistan athletes 10-16 to win the championship. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Bochuan

10-meter air rifle athlete Sheng Lihao, 18-year-old Sheng Lihao, won the championship by breaking the world record, which is also the only individual world record broken by the Chinese delegation in this Asian Games. He and Huang Yuting's "Golden Boy and Jade Girl" group is expected to represent China in the 10m air rifle mixed team gold medal competition at the Paris Olympics.

Pan Zhanle - 19 years old, swimming

19-year-old rising swimmer Pan Zhanle swam 100.46 seconds in the men's 97m freestyle final, becoming the first Asian competitor to hit the 47-second mark. "I'm here for the world record, so I don't think it's particularly ideal." The teenager walking from the stands to the pool has long regarded the world record of 46.86 seconds as his "first goal".

Huang Qianqian - 21 years old, fencing

Huang Qianqian, who made her Asian Games for the first time, defeated Japan's Yuka Ueno in the women's individual foil final, winning the first gold medal of the Hangzhou Asian Games for the Chinese fencing team, breaking the Asian Games "gold medal drought" of more than 20 years for Chinese women's flowers. The athlete, who was evaluated as the "big heart" by the head coach of the Chinese women's foil team and Olympic champion Leisheng, may be the future leader of Chinese women's foil.

Zuo Tong - 17 years old, gymnastics

After winning 13 consecutive Asian Games titles in the women's competitive gymnastics team final, 17-year-old Zuo Tong won the women's individual all-around gold medal. As a rookie of the Chinese women's gymnastics team, Zuo Tong showed stability and maturity beyond her age, and also made people remember this girl who was weak on the outside and tough on the inside. It is very valuable to show the temperament of the Asian Games when he first appeared in the Asian Games.

Cui Chenxi - 13 years old, skateboarding

13-year-old Cui Chenxi won the gold medal in the skateboarding women's street style, becoming the youngest gold medalist of the Chinese delegation at this Asian Games. Facing the top three players in the world, 13-year-old Cui Chenxi and 18-year-old Zeng Wenhui stood out to win the gold and silver medals, which made them even more successful. As a "new face" in the Olympic Games, it is worth looking forward to what kind of results skateboarders can skate in Paris.

Liu Huanhua – 22 years old, weightlifting

On October 10, the men's 6kg weightlifting competition of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held in the Xiaoshan Sports Center Gymnasium. China's Liu Huanhua won the gold medal with a snatch of 109 kg, a jerk of 185 kg and a total of 233 kg, breaking two Asian Games records in the jerk and overall results. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tang Yanjun

Liu Huanhua's gold medal in the men's 109kg weightlifting competition was "a miracle" by him. He lifted 233 kilograms "not at all" in the jerk final, giving the Chinese men's team hope of first gold in the big class at the Paris Olympics.

Li Shifeng - 23 years old, badminton

Li Shifeng, the "post-00" young player who "picked off the horse" of Shi Yuqi, the No. <> men's singles of Guoyu, won the first individual gold medal at the Asian Games. Looking back at the performance of this Asian Games, Li Shifeng once survived in the men's team final, which became an important turning point for the national badminton men's team to win the championship. In the "post-Lin Dan era", whether Li Shifeng, who is gaining momentum, can turn the tide in Paris will be the best stage for him to prove himself.

Jiang Yiting - 19 years old, flying saucer

The 19-year-old Jiang Yiting won the women's skeet individual event, the first individual gold medal won by the Chinese skeet shooting team since the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. As a rising star of Chinese skeet shooting in recent years, the upcoming Asian Championships will be a key battle for Jiang Yiting to seize a place in the Paris Olympics.

Liu Qingyi - 17 years old, breakdancing

On October 10th, the women's breakdancing competition of the 7th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held in the gymnasium of Gongshu Canal Sports Park. China's Liu Qingyi won the championship. Photo by China News Agency reporter Lu Bo

The 17-year-old Liu Qingyi won the gold medal in the women's breakdancing category at the Asian Games, which was not only the first gold medal in the women's breakdancing event in the history of the Asian Games, but also gave Liu Qingyi a ticket to the Paris Olympics. Breakdancing is a new sport at the Paris Olympics, and whether he can engrave his name in the history of the Olympic Games is undoubtedly a challenge for the young Liu Qingyi. (End)