• Chronicle (4-0) Bellingham, the new Christ of the Bernabéu, scores and leads Real Madrid against Osasuna

One more afternoon, Jude Bellingham took over the spotlight of the Santiago Bernabéu. Goals, race to one of the backgrounds, look at the stands and open arms, as if nailed to a cross, as if trying to embrace what already belongs to him: the affection of a fan and a dressing room surrendered to him. Its start is "surprising", admitted Carlo Ancelotti, and historic, as the data adds. After the double against Osasuna, the Englishman accumulates 10 goals in his first 10 games in white, equaling the figures of Cristiano Ronaldo in his first ten meetings with Madrid in the 2009-2010 season. Only they have achieved something like this.

Bellingham is the Pichichi of LaLiga and leads Madrid's offensive game, but he also works, recovers and is waiting to praise other teammates. On Vinicius' goal, the Briton raised his arms celebrating the goal when the Brazilian was still facing Sergio Herrera. Such was the confidence he had in his partner. And when Vini scored, he was the first to point to Fede Valverde in front of the stands to praise the Uruguayan's attendance. "What I highlight most about him is the maturity he has. He's smart and a fast learner, and he's very happy to be here. He has his feet on the ground, he has seriousness, professionalism...", Ancelotti did not run out of adjectives in the press room. The diamond that the Italian invented in the summer, changing the system of Madrid, is the one that is placing Bellingham on the throne of continental football.

On his position, Carletto praised that it is not "fixed", something that "gives him an advantage". "It's easier to study and defend a player who sets his position. He doesn't, he's very dynamic. It arrives from the second line very well, combines... It's an amazing start to the season in all aspects. Nobody expected this level of goals," admitted the coach.

The Italian knows that one day the Briton's streak will end because "he is not a centre forward", but he enjoys it. "The time will come when I put in the field other types of attitudes in terms of work and quality."

Vinicius: "He was born to play here"

One of Bellingham's best friends in the dressing room is Vinicius Júnior, a member, like the Englishman, of the young clan that makes this dressing room "one of the cleanest I've ever had", as Ancelotti acknowledged. The Brazilian, who scored and assisted, insisted that the Briton "was born to play for Madrid." "It was born to mark an era in the biggest team in the world and hopefully our connection will last for many years, that we will play here together for a long time. I'm delighted to play with him, he's one of the best in the world at such a young age and we're all very happy."

On the pitch, Ancelotti returned to give a start to Luka Modric, who did not start since the Madrid derby. "He has been the Modric of always, with his involvement, with his commitment. The ovation he has had is normal. What he has done today is what he has been doing for this club," praised the Italian, who admitted that "he will not talk to anyone, neither with the players nor with the coaches" during the break. "Whoever is tired, talk to his coach of the national team. We, unless asked, are not going to talk to anyone."

The penalty debate

The only downside of the match was the penalty missed by Joselu. The eleven meters seem one of the small weaknesses of the white set. In addition, there was again debate before the launch. While Joselu waited with the ball at the penalty spot, Lucas and Valverde approached Rodrygo and spoke to him, and Ancelotti spoke to Mendy and pointed to the Brazilian. "The pitcher was Joselu, but if Rodrygo wanted to throw him I told them he could throw him. It could be changed at that point in the game. I don't know the details of what they've talked about." Rodrygo, who was a substitute, left the field somewhat angry after things did not go his way in the 20 minutes given by the coach.

Florentino Pérez was absent from the box, who was absent because a couple of days ago he tested positive for Covid. "He is doing well," the club said.

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