Hangzhou, Oct. 10 (ZXS) -- On the evening of October 7, the breakdancing event of the Hangzhou Asian Games completed all the events after two days of competition, and China's Liu Qingyi defeated Japan's Yami Yuasa 10:7 to win the gold medal in the women's category. China's Qi Xiangyu won the bronze medal in the men's category.

In the final of the night, Japan's Shigeyuki Hani won the gold medal in the men's category. Both gold medalists also received tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

On October 10th, the women's breakdancing competition of the 7th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held in the gymnasium of Gongshu Canal Sports Park. China's Liu Qingyi won the championship. Photo by China News Agency reporter Lu Bo

Breakdancing became an official sport for the first time at the Hangzhou Asian Games and will be featured on the Olympic stage at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The Asian Games breakdancing has two events, men's and women's, and 2 gold medals are produced.

As the "new face" of the Asian Games, breakdancing debut attracted much attention. The competition will be played in the form of red and blue sides showing each time in the venue, and the performance time of each opponent will not exceed 60 seconds. Finally, the judges will score according to multiple dimensions such as performance, musicality, and skill.

The Chinese team sent two men and two women to play this time, with an average age of 23 years old. Born in 2005, Liu Qingyi began breaking dancing at the age of 10 and won two titles at this year's Paris Olympic Points Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan and Montpellier, France.

On the stage of the Asian Games for the first time, Liu Qingyi not only rushed for gold, but also hoped to justify breakdancing, "In the past, street dance was often said to be 'not doing business', but now it finally has a home." Liu Qingyi said that she will naturally incorporate Chinese elements into her dance movements to show breakdancing with her own style Chinese.

Talking about qualifying for the Paris Olympic Games, Liu Qingyi said that participating in the Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete, and he hopes to win glory for the country. "I've competed in a lot of competitions, and winning the Asian Games 'Straight To' to Paris this time gives me a lot of confidence and looks forward to doing better at the Paris Olympics." ”

Shang Xiaoyu, the captain of the Chinese team, lost 1:2 to the quarterfinals when he met teammate Qi Xiangyu in the knockout round, and Qi Xiangyu finally won a bronze medal. Another Chinese player, Zeng Yingying, finished fourth in the women's category.

Meng Changqing, director of the technical operation of the breakdancing competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games and president of the Zhejiang Street Dance Sports Association, said in an interview that paying attention to the preferences of young people is one of the main work directions of the IOC in recent years. Emerging sports such as breakdancing can enter international competitions such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games, thanks to the participation and love of young people. (End)