In professional baseball, two Pacific League games were played, and SoftBank drew to secure third place or better and advance to the Climax Series for the second consecutive year.

《Pacific League》

Rakuten × SoftBank

Rakuten and SoftBank drew 12-5 in 5 innings.

◎ Home Runs: SoftBank's Yanagida No. 22 and Rakuten Tatsumi Ryosuke No

. 9 SoftBank added one more run each in the fourth and fifth innings on Kawase's timely base hit and Yanagida's two-run double in the third inning.

In the sixth inning, Ryosuke Tatsumi scored three runs, but the relievers outlasted.

SoftBank finished third or higher, qualifying for the Climax Series for the second consecutive year.

Rakuten persevered, but could not win.

Lotte × ORIX

In the Lotte vs. Orix match, Orix won 4-1.

○ Win: Fukuya Yamazaki 11 wins 5
losses ▽ Saves: Yamaoka pitchers 2 wins 1 loss 3
saves ● Losses: Nishino pitchers 8 wins 5 losses
◎ Home runs: Orix Sugimoto No. 15 and No. 16

Orix took the lead due to an opponent's error in the first inning, The game was tied shortly after, but Sugimoto's solo shot in the fourth inning gave the game the win.

Sugimoto hit his second solo shot in the ninth inning to extend the lead.

Starting pitcher Fukuya Yamazaki earned his 1th win by allowing one run in six innings.

In their final home game of the regular season, Lotte would have advanced to the climax series if they won, but the batting line could not support the starting pitcher Nishino, who gave up two runs in seven innings.

As a result, the final slot of the climax series will depend on the result of Rakuten vs. Lotte on the 4th.