Cameroon Football Federation president Samuel Eto'o is increasingly troubled as he faces charges of corruption and abuse of power, according to a British report.

The Guardian newspaper confirmed that Eto'o, 42, is currently under investigation by Cameroonian police for match-fixing and corruption.

Eto'o, who took office as president of the Cameroon Football Federation in December 2021, is accused of helping a team promoted from the second division to the first division of Victoria United, which was seen as manipulation of results and abuse of his position.

While pressure is mounting on him to resign and leave office, Ito remains innocent and categorically denies the allegations.

For that, the former star of Barcelona and Inter Milan decided to appoint a lawyer to defend himself and respond to all these accusations and preserve his rights, according to the French newspaper "L'Equipe".

Medios de Camerún informan que Paul Biya, presidente del país desde 1982, ordenó una investigación 🇨🇲 de parte de la policía judicial contra Samuel Eto'o por posible arreglo de partidos. Ya iniciaron las primeras citaciones y audiencias.

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The developments came almost two months later, when an audio call between Eto'o and Victoria United president Valentin Guinn dating back to early January involved several refereeing protests by Gwen.

The audio recording of this call spread widely across social networks, in which Eto'o, the club's president, promised to help his team achieve the dream of rising to the first division, especially that Gwen stood by his side and supported him until he reached the position of president of the Cameroonian Football Federation, according to the Spanish newspaper "Mundo Deportivo".

The Spanish newspaper confirms that it ended with Victoria United winning the second division title in Cameroon in April 2023, so the team promoted to the first division exactly as Goen wanted.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) opened an investigation into Eto'o in August after accusing him of manipulation and embezzlement of funds, among other corruption charges.

At the time, CAF said in an official statement, "We have received written grievances from several important people in Cameroonian football complaining about illegal actions against President Samuel Eto'o, we look at these allegations based on the regulations and regulations of CAF, and despite the seriousness of the allegations, Mr. Samuel Eto'o remains innocent until he is convicted by the judicial bodies, and until that date CAF refuses to comment on the case until it is completed."