In a survey of favorite athletes, Shohei Ohtani of the MLB Angels ranked first for the third time in a row.

From June to July, the Sasakawa Sports Foundation surveyed 6,7 men and women aged 12 to 21 nationwide about their favorite athletes, and received responses from 3000,1495 people, or about half.

The results were announced on the 2nd, and Otani came in first place with 22.3%, the highest percentage ever.

Ohtani is ranked first for the third time in a row in this survey, which is conducted every two years.

According to the Sasakawa Sports Foundation, "Otani's memorable and recordable performances, such as contributing to the Japan title at the WBC = World Baseball Classic, are thought to have been reflected in the results of this survey."

In addition,
▽ Kaoru Mitoma of the Japan national soccer team is in second place with 1.2% ▽ third place is Lionel Messi of soccer team with 3.1% ▽ fourth place is captain Yuki Ishikawa of the volleyball Japan national team with 2.3%

In fifth place was figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, who turned professional last year, with 1.3%.

Regarding the top lineup, the Sasakawa Sports Foundation says, "There continues to be a tendency for athletes who challenge the world and play an active role to join."