Hangzhou, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- The Asian Games and Hangzhou: A grand event ignites the enthusiasm of a city

Written by Zhang Yuhuan

A full week has passed since the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and for the host country, Hangzhou, enthusiasm for the event has only increased. The attendance rate of the competition venues is as high as 90%, the citizens and tourists in front of the viewing spaces are bustling, all kinds of Asian Games souvenirs are in short supply, and the West Lake and shopping malls are surprised to "meet" Chinese and foreign athletes... Hangzhou is unleashing infinite enthusiasm from multiple angles, interpreting the chapter of the city that thrives because of the Asian Games.

On the evening of September 9, the men's football match of the Hangzhou Asian Games between India and Saudi Arabia was crowded with spectators. Photo by Zhang Yuhuan

"Full house" is the first feeling that many people have when they enter the Asian Games venues. In the circle of friends, many people posted pictures of the "crowded people" competition scene, whether it is swimming, table tennis, basketball, football and other popular events, or "niche" projects that people don't know much about in the past, the venue is always crowded and lively.

"This is the best family holiday entertainment", "The grand event on the doorstep must be supported", "The atmosphere is too good to watch the game live"... With photos of "check-in" venues, the "Asian Games-themed" circle of friends has frequently brushed the screen for days.

The reporter learned that since the official ticketing website was launched on July 7, all 8 events and 56 performances of the Asian Games have been put on sale, and as of 764 o'clock on September 9, the sales have reached 27 million yuan, and the overall box office has greatly exceeded expectations.

"The demand for viewing each competition is very high, and the attendance rate of seats in the venues is as high as 90%, which fully reflects the enthusiasm of citizens and friends for the Hangzhou Asian Games, and also means that the spirit of the Asian Games athletes fighting the field infects everyone." Zhu Qinan, spokesman of the Hangzhou Asian Games Competition Command Center, said.

After all, the number of people who can attend the games is limited, and there are still a large number of spectators who feel the atmosphere of the Asian Games in other ways. During the Asian Games, Hangzhou launched various viewing spaces on the city side to encourage citizens to participate in the experience, realize the sharing of the Asian Games through interactive and immersive methods, and promote the cause of national fitness.

The reporter learned from the Hangzhou Municipal Urban Management Bureau that since September 9, Hangzhou has opened a total of 29 Asian Games viewing spaces, including Qianjiang Century Park and Jinsha Lake Park, for citizens to enjoy the hard work of Asian Games athletes offline.

In the evening, Jinsha Lake Park, located in Qiantang District, Hangzhou, had already gathered many citizens watching the race. As the main venue of the Asian Games viewing space in Qiantang District, the space covers an area of 800 square meters and can accommodate more than 800 spectators, broadcasting the competition events live every day. After the Asian Games, the viewing space will continue to provide citizens with functions such as leisure and entertainment, cultural and sports activities.

In addition to watching the games, people's enthusiasm for the Asian Games also extended to various souvenirs. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, the mascots "Bingdundun" and "Snow Rongmelt" triggered a "star-chasing craze", and the mascot of the Hangzhou Asian Games "Jiang Nanyi" also had countless "circle fans". In a number of official licensed retail stores in Hangzhou, commemorative badges, plush dolls, commemorative stamps, stationery shirts... As long as it has a cute "three little ones" (mascot 宸宸, 琮琮, lotus) pattern, all kinds of products are always in short supply.

In the official licensed retail store of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center, a father took his daughter to buy more than ten products in one go, "The Asian Games cultural and creative products are very innovative, and they will be good memories in retrospect, and we want to buy more for our friends." ”

Citizens and tourists holding mascot dolls and Asian Games-themed badges can be seen everywhere on the streets of Hangzhou, becoming a "pulling wind" scene.

As one of the protagonists of the Asian Games, Chinese and foreign athletes also walked into the streets and alleys to "check in" West Lake, Commodity City, etc., and stroll through Hangcheng during the osmanthus season to fully feel the unique charm of the city.

The meticulous reception of Chinese and foreign guests also shows the enthusiasm of the host. Qianjiang clothing and small commodities market is located in the downtown area of Hangzhou, which has recently become the shopping choice of guests from many countries (regions). In order to better communicate with foreign athletes, the owner downloaded a variety of translation software in advance and learned common English words and phrases to communicate smoothly. There is also a RMB change exchange point in the market to ensure that merchants can trade cash with foreign athletes.

"The market was clean and well stocked and the owners were very helpful. I've been to many places, but Hangzhou is the most beautiful city I've ever seen, the greenery is beautiful, the roads are clean, and I hope I can enjoy the rest of my time in Hangzhou. Mohammed, a medical worker from the Syrian boxing team, said.

Let the guests from all over the world feel at home, let the citizens and tourists enjoy the grand event, the Asian Games ignited the enthusiasm of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou also brought infinite surprises to the Asian Games. At the opening ceremony, the song "Dream of Paradise" triggered a chorus of the audience, the phrase "Our home, live in paradise", expressing the happiness and pride of the host and showing the world the city's long-accumulated enthusiastic energy. (End)