Beijing, September 9 ( -- "It's a holiday after the Asian Games, and it's rare to spend a Mid-Autumn Festival with my family!" After winning the gold medal in the women's 30m freestyle before, Li Bingjie, who was in a good mood, said.

When the Hangzhou Asian Games meets the Mid-Autumn Festival, the romantic festive atmosphere brings a little adjustment to the intense competition. Eating mooncakes, enjoying the autumn moon in Pinghu, reuniting with family, watching the Mid-Autumn Festival performance... The Chinese and foreign athletes who gathered in Hangzhou because of the Asian Games had a different and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Li Bingjie in the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tang Yanjun

Eating mooncakes is "standard"

Eating mooncakes and reuniting with family are unique rituals in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and athletes are no exception.

The swimming competitions of the Hangzhou Asian Games all ended on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese swimmers can have a rare Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

After the women's 4x200m freestyle relay final, China's Liu Yaxin, who won the gold medal, said she liked to eat Wuren mooncakes the most. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Liu Yaxin is also rarely reunited with her family.

Liu Yaxin (first from left) during the game. Photo by Shi Chunyang

The badminton competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games kicked off on September 9, and the Hong Kong badminton team in the intense competition did not lose the sense of ceremony. Head coach He Yiming specially brought two boxes of mooncakes to Hangzhou this time, in order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with all the athletes and coaches of the team.

Hong Kong's Yang Qianyu, who won silver in the previous women's Madison race in track cycling, admits that as an athlete, she rarely pays attention to these festivals, but still wants to eat a mooncake on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Lin Yingxuan, a footballer from Singapore, said that Singapore also celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, and many local Mid-Autumn Festival cultures are similar to China, such as eating mooncakes, "I like to eat lotus paste mooncakes the most, in Wenzhou, I tasted fresh meat and vegetable filling for the first time, which was very delicious." ”

Mid-Autumn Full Moon. Photo by Zhang Yu, reporter of China News Agency

Inside and outside the venue, the Mid-Autumn Festival is full of flavor

When the full moon is in the sky, the glorious West Lake at night adds a romantic atmosphere to the already romantic Mid-Autumn Festival, and many sports team athletes, sports officials and media reporters enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival here.

"This is my first time in Hangzhou, the first time I see Yexi Lake, it is so beautiful! I feel that people living in China are happy. A Vietnamese media reporter sighed.

Many members of foreign sports delegations boarded the West Lake cruise to enjoy the beauty and delicacy of the autumn moon in Pinghu, under the unique Chinese romance, Lao friends brought the song "Stars Hold the Moon", Bangladeshi friends presented poems and recited "You Are My Moon", Chinese and foreign athletes sang "The Moon Represents My Heart" to express each other's good wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"We looked at the moon at the same time and it felt like home. The Asian Games brought us new friends and celebrated important festivals in China. Jin Dawang, education and cultural counselor of the Lao Embassy in China, said.

In the competition venue, the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival is also full. Before the swimming competition, many music containing moon elements such as "May People Be Long" and "Watch the Moon Climb Up" were played in the venue, and at the same time, with the splendid light show on the scene, creating a romantic sea of stars.

At the badminton arena, after the match, the audience chanted "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival", and Chinese players Liu Yuchen and Ou Weiyi also waved to the audience.

Data map: Hangzhou West Lake at night. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

The Asian Games Village is full of Chinese style

Mid-Autumn Festival, the festive atmosphere in Hangzhou Asian Games Village is also quite strong, with dance, acrobatics, folk music and other Mid-Autumn Festival performances, such as "Chang'e Rushing to the Moon" and "Full Moon Dream", etc., which are very Chinese.

In the volunteer service center, a special Qinghe exchange area has been set up to carry out festival-limited activities such as lantern making, sachet wrapping, Chinese knot weaving, paper cutting handicraft, rubbing, fan painting, face painting, calligraphy creation, pitching pots, and 100-meter blessing scrolls.

Thai athlete Bandida Si Nuanna, who experienced the folklore of the Mid-Autumn Festival, was very interested: "This is the first time I have seen this skill, it is so interesting, I came to Hangzhou not only to participate in the competition, but also to learn about Chinese culture." ”

In the Asian Games Village Cultural Hut, Song Yanan, the head coach of the Lao national sanda team, came here to select Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. As an authentic Shandong native, he wanted to let the team feel the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. "They didn't reunite with their families, so they gave them a small gift, and we're here to bring them together for the holidays."

In the Asian Games branch village in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, more than 20 athletes and officials from Nepal, Singapore and other countries and regions gathered for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

BINA, an official accompanying the Nepal Olympic Committee, said in an interview that it was the first time to experience Chinese traditional festivals and learned a lot of Mid-Autumn Festival culture, which was new and beautiful, and very interesting. (End)