Hangzhou, September 9 (Dong Yixin) On the evening of September 28, at the scene of the Hangzhou Asian Games men's football group 9/27 final in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, China, defeated Palestine 1-8 and advanced to the round of eight.

Match site. Photo by Dong Yixin

"The 0-0 result in the first half allowed us to calm our minds and show that we 'can hold on'. At half-time, we adjusted our strategy and decided to 'attack' while staying tight, and we got what we wanted. At the post-match press conference, Hong Kong men's football coach Jon Anderson said that it is worth mentioning that this victory is inseparable from "we have a good goalkeeper".

As he said, this "excellent goalkeeper" made several "wild saves" during the game, causing the opponent to score 0 goals, and was dubbed the "goalkeeper" by the audience.

"I don't dare to be called the 'door god'. Today I did 'save' a couple of balls that I was happy with and won cheers from the scene. Xie Jiarong, goalkeeper of the Hong Kong men's football team, said that he hoped to win again in the next game, thanked the enthusiastic audience at the scene, and hoped that the next game could hear the enthusiastic cheers.

Talking about scoring his performance on the spot, Yu Zaiyan, the No. 14 player of the Hong Kong men's football team, gave himself a "5 point". "There is still a lot of room for improvement, I feel that there are still many things that I have not done well enough, and the opponents I will meet next will become stronger and stronger, and I hope to have a better performance." The most important thing is to maintain physical strength, these games are very short intervals and need to be well rested. He said.

On October 10, the men's football team of the Hangzhou Asian Games will play the 1/1 final, and Hong Kong, China will play Iran. (End)