In Saint-Etienne, one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup in France, local confectionery makers are making chocolates in the shape of rugby balls to liven up the tournament.

Saint-Etienne in inland France, where a total of four games are held, has long been a popular town for baking.

A long-established chocolate manufacturer that has been in business for about 4 years holds a hands-on experience making of rugby ball-shaped chocolate twice a week to liven up the tournament through confectionery.

On the 140rd, 2 people, mainly local people, participated and experienced the process of evenly mixing two types of chocolate with different flavors in a ball-shaped container.

After cooling and hardening in the refrigerator for about 23 minutes, I carefully removed it from the container so that it would not crack, and a small palm-sized rugby ball was created that was beautifully reproduced down to the seams.

A seven-year-old girl who participated with her parents said, "I want to eat with my mom and dad."

A Japan woman from Saint-Etienne, who participated with her husband and wife, said, "I'm glad that so many people came to the city because of the Rugby World Cup."