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At 14 degrees and sun, Tigst Assefa even had strength to sprint to the Schlus

Photo: Filip Singer / EPA

The Ethiopian Tigst Assefa ran to a fabulous world record in the marathon in Berlin. Last year's 29-year-old winner won on Sunday in 2:11:53 hours, more than two minutes below Brigid Kosgei's previous record. The Kenyan ran 2019:2:14 hours in Chicago in 04.

Assefa had set the Berlin course record last year to 2:15:37 hours and had thus advanced into the world elite over the 42.195 kilometers. In perfect external conditions, this time she ran on course for a record right from the start and pulled away early in a race that was also super-fast across the board.

The last women's world record in Berlin was set in 2001 by Japan's Naoko Takahashi, who was the first athlete to break under 22:2 hours 19 years ago in 46:2.20 hours.

In the men's race, Eliud Kipchoge became the first runner to win the Berlin Marathon for the fifth time, but clearly missed out on another world record. The 38-year-old Kenyan won on Sunday in 2:02:42 hours ahead of his compatriot Vincent Kipkemoi and Ethiopian Tadese Takele. Kipkemoi crossed the finish line in 2:03:13 hours, Takele ran 2:03:24 hours.

Amanal Petros beat his German record in ninth place in 2:04:58 hours. The 28-year-old had run the 42.195 kilometres in Valencia on 5 December 2021 in 2:06:27.

Last year, Kipchoge set the valid world record in 2:01:09 hours. Initially, the two-time Olympic champion was again on course for a record, but was unable to maintain the high pace in perfect running conditions. With this success, however, he also saved a new record: Previously, the Ethiopian running legend Haile Gebrselassie had won the most victories in Berlin.

Police prevent climate protest

Although protests and demonstrations had been banned by the authorities in advance, climate activists of the Last Generation had spilled paint on the track near the Brandenburg Gate.

However, they were prevented from sticking to the road by emergency services. The police had applied for judicial permission to keep the disturbers in custody until 18 p.m. in order to prevent further actions.