Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The champions and runners-up of the women's Taijiquan Taijiquan all-around final at the Hangzhou Asian Games were "freshly baked" on the 24th, with Tong Xin (China) winning the gold medal, Rushkar (Brunei) winning the silver medal, and Chen Suijin (Hong Kong, China) winning the bronze medal. Huo Qigang, head of the Hong Kong delegation to the Hangzhou Asian Games, congratulated on the spot.

On September 9, the Hangzhou Asian Games wushu taolu women's taijiquan taijiquan sword all-around final champion and runner-up "freshly baked". Huo Qigang, head of the Hong Kong delegation to the Hangzhou Asian Games, congratulated on the spot. Photo by Fang Kun

"The athletes played very well and it was even more happy to see the Hong Kong athletes win the bronze medal." Huo Qigang said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the China News Agency.

In the final, Hong Kong athlete Chen Suijin chose "Only This Green Green" as the soundtrack of Taijijian. "I deliberately chose this music, which expresses the mood of traditional Chinese painting." Chen Suijin said, "I hope to use the music of my motherland and the Taiji sword to express my love for the motherland." ”

In this regard, Huo Qigang was deeply touched: "When Hong Kong athletes came to Hangzhou to compete, they arrived at home, and many friends cheered for the Hong Kong team in China. ”

On September 9, Huo Qigang, head of the delegation of Hong Kong, China to the Hangzhou Asian Games, was interviewed by China News Agency. Photo by Fang Kun

At the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, wushu was first included as an official sport and has continued to this day (including the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games). This is the third time that wushu events have been competed at the Asian Games held in China.

"Chinese martial arts are gaining more and more attention internationally, and wushu is not just a sport, but also incorporates Chinese philosophy." Huo Qigang told reporters that he was very touched by the childlike words of the gold medalist in this competition.

Tong Xin said at the press conference that wushu originated from China and belongs to the world, and wushu is not only a sport itself, but also a very good carrier for spreading Chinese civilization. In this regard, Huo Qigang highly agreed.

"I hope to show Chinese culture to the world through martial arts, and I hope to see Chinese martial arts on more international stages." Huo Qigang said that striving for wushu to be shortlisted for the Olympics is his future goal. (End)