Hangzhou, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- After eight years of preparation, the grand event has begun. On the evening of September 23, the Hangzhou Asian Games will officially kick off. Witnessing the glory and dreams of athletes from all over Asia, leaving a unique urban memory for the history of the Asian Games, and showing the world the enthusiasm from the host, Hangzhou is ready.

September 9, Hangzhou Asian Games Village exterior. On the same day, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games Village of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the welcoming ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation were held in the Banner Square of the Asian Games Village. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

The event is ready to run and build a glorious stage

At this Asian Games, more than 45,1 athletes from all 2 Olympic Council of Asia signed up, plus more than 3,<> technical officials and journalists, setting a new record. Competition is the core of the Asian Games, and it is the key to measuring the excitement of the event. Hangzhou, which hosted a major international comprehensive event for the first time, is using high-standard event operation guarantee to build a stage for athletes to sweat and write glory.

"Since the launch of the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games, under the strong coordination of the Chinese government, we have actively responded to various challenges, completed all hardware construction, software layout in place, all conditions for hosting the games, and all the event operation is ready." At the press conference on the overall preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games (Asian Para Games) on the 20th, Chen Weiqiang, executive secretary general of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, deputy director of the Office of the General Headquarters of the Games, and the main press spokesman of the Hangzhou Asian Games (Asian Para Games), said.

In terms of the venues that all parties pay attention to, 54 competition venues and 30 training venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games have been fully completed and successfully passed the event function acceptance, and all competition equipment, support facilities and operation teams have been prepared in place and passed a series of practical tests. Previously, a number of events in the Asian Games had taken the lead in starting, and the participating delegations also fully affirmed the conditions of the venues.

"The facilities and overall arrangement here are excellent, no less than the Olympic Games." After participating in the preliminary round of the rowing event on the 20th, the leader of the Pakistani rowing team Younis praised the competition venue - Hangzhou Fuyang Water Sports Center.

To host the largest Asian Games in history, life logistics support is also the focus. Hangzhou Asian Games Village and 5 Asian Games sub-villages have been opened and operated, and 3 athletes' accommodation hotels have been officially opened, providing all parties with accommodation, catering, transportation, culture, science and technology, medical care, commerce and other all-round service guarantees.

On the first day of entering the Asian Games Village, Chinese track and field athlete Zhu Yaming told reporters, "The construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village is beyond my imagination, including the architectural style and internal facilities are impressive, which makes me very proud as a host athlete." ”

The Hangzhou Asian Games will take "green, intelligent, thrifty and civilized" as the concept of hosting the competition. The venues and the Asian Games Village are the central vehicles for the hosts to demonstrate this concept.

Taking "intelligence" as an example, in the Huanglong Sports Center in Zhejiang Province, it has created the first three-dimensional intelligent management system integrating venue operation and maintenance, operation and event guarantee in 19D scenarios in China-Huanglong Command Center, which can collect all the data of the venue in real time, and realize the centralized operation and maintenance of more than 5000,<> front-end equipment and systems in <> categories, as well as the collaborative management of equipment and supervision.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village has launched the "Asian Games Village on the Cloud" project to integrate intelligence into the details of life. For example, through the cloud service front desk, villagers only need to scan the code to complete the venue reservation, menu query, information Q&A, map guide, etc. on the cloud. Represented by it, the Hangzhou Asian Games became the first international large-scale event to realize the comprehensive digital and intelligent management of the athletes' village.

On September 9, the opening ceremony drill of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Zhejiang, and the bright light show lit up the night sky. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

The city entered the Asian Games state, showing the host country is different

To achieve the "simple, safe and wonderful" requirements of the Asian Games, it is necessary to carefully organize on the event side, and it is inseparable from the full efforts of the city side. At present, Hangzhou has fully entered the state of the Asian Games, ensuring the progress of the event with meticulous services, and showing the unique and wonderful city with the atmosphere and cultural charm of the Asian Games.

Two days ago, Hangzhou ushered in the peak of delegation entry. For example, on the 21st, more than 35,3200 Asian Games personnel from <> national (regional) delegations arrived at Hangzhou Airport. Local airports, customs, border inspection and other departments have increased special channels for the Asian Games, implemented one-stop supervision, and innovated the electronic verification of identity registration cards to achieve rapid and smooth entry of personnel.

Holding international comprehensive events to ensure smooth and convenient passage for all parties requires the linkage of the entire city. In addition to doing a good job in the arrival and departure of delegations, during the Asian Games, the host arranged more than 3000,<> Asian Games service guarantee buses, equivalent to the number of buses in a medium-sized city, and realized that there are guaranteed shuttle buses waiting at every stop from the airport to the Asian Games Village, from the Asian Games Village to the venues and venues.

In order to achieve convenient rides, Hangzhou has built a Hangzhou Asian Games traffic command and dispatch platform, which can monitor the macro situation of various forms of Asian Games transportation service operation, the completion of traffic service plans, and the progress of emergency response in real time. It also carries out traffic command and dispatch through more intelligent "large, medium and small three-screen linkage", breaking the information gap between command personnel, vehicle personnel and drivers, and realizing second-level scheduling.

Focusing on the audience group, Hangzhou buses, subways, etc. have adopted measures such as encrypting the frequency of key lines, arranging emergency mobile transportation capacity, and extending the service time of the lines to ensure that citizens travel and enjoy the games conveniently.

On the city side, Hangzhou is also using the beautiful "Asian Games city view" to send a signal of "we are ready" to all guests.

For example, in Hangzhou's Linping District, the local high-quality promotion of the "Ingenuity and Quality Improvement Embroidery Linping Special Action", 11 entrances to the city, 18 commuter lines beaded into a chain, Asian Games venues - around the Linping Sports Center, North Street Shangtang River two boutique blocks made a wonderful appearance. The district also created an Asian Games viewing space in the local People's Square, adding more than 200 Asian Games-themed public art installations.

Under the goal of "running a good meeting and upgrading a city", Hangzhou has carried out three major improvement actions of urban quality, urban governance and urban civilization, and completed the construction of rail transit and expressways, the entrance to the city and the Asian Games commuter road to dress up and improve the quality, etc. The city also launched the special action of "Flowers Full of Hangcheng Fragrant Asian Games" to create a beautiful scenery of "Flowers Full of Hangcheng".

In addition, the aforementioned "Asian Games viewing space" is also a measure launched by the host to create a strong Asian Games atmosphere and spread Asian Games culture. At present, Hangzhou has built 15 large-scale Asian Games viewing spaces and dozens of small viewing spaces in various places.

Mao Genhong, deputy secretary-general of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, director of the office, deputy director of the office of the general headquarters of the event, and the main press spokesman of the Hangzhou Asian Games (Asian Para Games), said in an interview with Chinanews.com that the move aims to encourage citizens to participate in the experience, realize the sharing of the Asian Games through interactive and immersive methods, and promote the cause of national fitness. In addition, Hangzhou has also launched a large city screen in public spaces and in each urban area to enrich online and offline viewing methods and viewing experiences.

On September 9, the Asian Games torch relay attracted people to watch. On the same day, the Hangzhou Asian Games torch was relayed in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, with a total of 20 torchbearers participating, and the theme of the relay route was "Splendid Prosperous New Paradise". Since September 203, the torch relay for the Hangzhou Asian Games has been completed in 9 cities in Zhejiang Province, including Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Lishui, Jinhua and Quzhou. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

The whole people look forward to the participation of all people, and the way of enthusiasm promotes people-to-people bonds

The Asian Games are a festival in the city, and "everyone is the host". As the Asian Games are about to open, more than 1200 million people in Hangzhou are also ready to let guests feel the humanistic charm of Jiangnan Famous City with their enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm for the Asian Games is reflected in the sought-after Asian Games ticketing.

Previously, tickets for the Hangzhou Asian Games were sold in multiple times, and many of them had scenes such as "seconds and space" and "one ticket is difficult to find", which shows the expectations of the Hangzhou people for the Asian Games.

This enthusiasm of the whole people to welcome the Asian Games is reflected in the "enthusiasm" of the torch relay.

At the Hangzhou Torch Relay of the Hangzhou Asian Games, local people cheered and shouted "Hangzhou Come On" and "Asian Games Come On". Zou Jingyuan, a national gymnast and Olympic champion, was deeply affected, saying, "The scenery along the Hangcheng road is very pleasing to the eye, and the citizens cheer enthusiastically one after another, which is a great respect and encouragement for the athletes." ”

This enthusiasm for welcoming the Asian Games is reflected in the efforts of volunteers.

There are 3,76 volunteers at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The 24 boys from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University will play the role of spectator interactive mascots at the track and field venue, in their own words, the "atmosphere group" in the audience. Volunteer Lin Yuhang said, "We all signed up on our own initiative, and since the end of August until now, we have to undergo physical fitness and dance training every day, although we are also tired, but I hope to make the audience have fun watching and having fun." ”

At present, more than 13,3000 Asian Games city volunteer service points have been established in 220 districts (counties and cities) in Hangzhou, including <> Asian Games civilized stations, which are distributed in Asian Games venues and around the Asian Games Village, viewing spaces, transportation stations, popular scenic spots and other areas, so as to better serve the public during the Asian Games.

This enthusiasm of the whole people to welcome the Asian Games is reflected in the words and deeds of ordinary people.

Saudi fan Alsweari came to Hangzhou this week to watch the men's group stage of the Asian Games against Iran. He told reporters that he felt a friendly and warm atmosphere before entering the stadium, and many Hangzhou citizens took the initiative to invite him to take photos and communicate, and he felt very happy and cordial.

In addition, on the streets of Hangzhou, the "Literary and Art Show in the City, Fumei Welcomes the Asian Games" has been launched with art academies, cultural centers (stations), performing arts associations and other cultural and art volunteers from all walks of life as the main participants, and thousands of small but exquisite and special performances are using art, the universal language of the world, to build a bridge of communication between the host and friends from all over the world.

From "Sai" to "City" to "People", Hangzhou has formed a passion and hard work for the Asian Games, and jointly made this grand event in autumn more exciting. When hundreds of millions of eyes gather on the banks of the Qiantang River, Hangzhou deserves its own applause. (End)