Hangzhou, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- The "leader" of the delegation talks about the Asian Games: Sensing the charm of the city and promoting the development of sports in Asia

Written by Zhang Yuhuan

The 19th Asian Games will open in Hangzhou on the evening of the 23rd, and teams from 45 countries (regions) have arrived to check in. This Asian Games is the largest, most eventful and most extensive Asian Games in history, what are the expectations of the heads of delegations of various countries (regions)?

On September 9, the Hangzhou Asian Games Athletes' Village held a delegation welcome ceremony. Photo by China News Agency reporter Dong Yixin

"Faster, higher, stronger - more united", with the Olympic motto as the link, the Hangzhou Asian Games looks forward to using this grand event to show the world the centripetal force and cohesion of the Asian sports spirit.

As the host, the total number of Chinese sports delegations reached 1329,886, including <> athletes. Gao Zhidan, head of the Chinese sports delegation, previously said that the overall goal of the competition is to achieve a double harvest of sports achievements and spiritual civilization.

As one of the three major sports powers in Asia, South Korea sent a delegation of 1140,39 people to compete in 5 sports. Choi Yun, head of the South Korean delegation, said in an interview that over the past five years, the Korean athletes have made sufficient preparations and will show their full strength, "Young athletes like it here after seeing China's amazing development." We hope to deepen sports exchanges between Korea and China through this competition and jointly promote Asian sports to a higher level. ”

As home to many world-class sporting events, Singapore is a "sports powerhouse" despite its small size. Singapore also sent the largest delegation in history to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

"China has hosted many major events, such as the 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2022 Winter Olympics and, more recently, the Summer Universiade. There is no doubt that China is very experienced in organizing these large-scale events. "The venues for the Hangzhou Asian Games are world-class, and I hope that the events will take Asian sports to a higher level." ”

This is the third time that China has hosted the Asian Games, positioned as a new era for China and a new Asian Games in Hangzhou, highlighting the concepts of "Humanistic Asian Games" and "Smart Asian Games". The Hangzhou Asian Games, which focuses on showing the times, science and technology and humanities, has also become a window for Asian countries and regions to perceive China's urban development and unique charm.

Huo Qigang, head of the Hong Kong delegation, said in an interview that he hoped that athletes would experience a different Hangzhou after the competition. "I hope that friends from all over the world who come here can experience the diversity of Chinese culture through Hangzhou, and the tea culture and silk culture are worthy of our pride."

The delegations of Hong Kong and Macao of China sent the strongest teams to participate in the Asian Games, and the two places are also looking forward to learning from the experience of hosting and organizing the Asian Games to prepare for the 2025th National Games jointly hosted by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in 15.

When the rough and bold "sons and daughters of the grassland" came to Jiangnan Water Town, they were also curious about the customs and technological innovation here. "Thank you very much for the warm and thoughtful service of the organizers, I am very much looking forward to this Asian Games full of science and technology." The head of the Mongolian delegation, Gangbatel, said that the heads of the participating delegations had visited the competition venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games this spring and carefully learned about the competition services, venue preparation, athlete certification, accommodation and catering services, media operation and other aspects. "China attaches great importance to the Hangzhou Asian Games, and we are full of confidence in China in hosting this Asian Games."

The Hangzhou Asian Games, with "green" as the main color, attracted the attention of the head of the Bhutanese delegation, Jigme Tingli. In an interview, he lamented, "Hangzhou is very beautiful, and the whole city is green. He also mentioned that wherever you go in the Asian Games village, you can get help with everything, and volunteers are everywhere.

As a third-generation Chinese, Zhang Jinfa, head of the Malaysian sports delegation, also said frankly in an interview that he hoped that all athletes in this Asian Games could do their best and let the sportsmanship shine in the beautiful Hangzhou. "Seeing the smiles of the volunteers, I think it's the most beautiful."

The city is full of greenery, showing the wind of civilization everywhere; The software and hardware layout is in place, the operation of the event and the service guarantee are orderly... The overall preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games have been highly recognized by delegations, and the city's humanistic and innovative vitality has also attracted countless lights. With the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, people will appreciate the charm of "paradise on earth" and the Asian Games from more angles. (End)