Despite a few turbulent weeks, it was a star-studded Spain that came to visit Gamla Ullevi on Friday evening. The opening match of the Nations League eventually ended 3–2 to the Spaniards – but it was the Swedes who took the lead in the match.

Magdalena Eriksson was praised before kick-off, as she earned her 100th cap during the World Cup this summer. And in the 23rd minute, she had reason to cheer. The centre-back scored highest on a corner and nodded in 1–0.

"Sweden are really sharp at set pieces. We have seen it many times before, says SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog.

Signed off after giant board

After a better period by Spain, the away team was able to equalize. Athena del Castillo's shot went straight at Zecira Musovic, but the goalkeeper could not stop the ball.

"It's a huge painting," says expert commentator Hanna Marklund.

In the second half, Spain also took the lead, through a fine goal by Eva Navarro. However, Sweden did not give up and Lina Hurtig pushed in 2–2 in the 82nd minute.

Nevertheless, it was Spain who had the last word, when the referee pointed to the penalty spot in the last extra minute of the match. Amanda Ilestedt was sent off when she pulled down, and Mariona Caldentey was confident when she sent in 3-2 in the 96th minute.

– It's incredibly sad of course, says Magdalena Eriksson to SVT Sport after the match.

CLIP: Joint manifestation before Sweden's match against Spain

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Here, both Sweden's and Spain's players manifest ahead of the Nations League match. Photo: Bildbyrån