Due to the issue of violence by Urawa Red Diamonds supporters at the Emperor's Cup match Japan the Football Association has announced that four new Reds supporters have been banned indefinitely.

According to the Japan Football Association, during the Emperor's Cup fourth-round match between Nagoya Grampus and Urawa Red Diamonds held in Nagoya City last month, more than 4 Reds supporters beat the opposing team's supporters and security staff, and damaged the opposing team's banners and stadium installations.

The association said that 70 supporters were banned indefinitely and one supporter was banned
from five matches because
the series of acts could be confirmed on video, but as a result of the investigation,
new acts of violence were confirmed
. Four Reds supporters have been banned indefinitely.

The indefinite ban applies not only to matches organized by the association, but also to J.League and WE League, and the number of supporters who will be punished may increase further depending on future investigations.

On the 17th, the Reds were disqualified from participating in next year's Emperor's Cup and reprimanded for failing to prevent violent acts.

Japan Football Association and 60 member clubs of the J.League will share a joint message

In response to the violence by Urawa Red Diamonds supporters Japan the Football Association, the J.League, and all 60 clubs affiliated with the J.League issued a joint message.

The joint message stated, "Although this is an extremely severe decision, the JFA Board of Directors and the J.League Executive Committee held today confirmed that we take it seriously as a matter for the entire Japan football community."

Regarding the actions of the supporters, he said, "The safe and enjoyable football viewing environment must not be violated by violence, verbal abuse, intimidation, or destruction due to the short-sighted actions of some people, and the Japan football world cannot tolerate violations like this."

On top of that, he said, "If someone commits or repeats such acts, we will build a healthy football environment with the determination to sever all relationships."

As for the future, "We will work with a strong sense of mission and responsibility to expand an environment where everyone, young and old, can enjoy football safely and securely."