The site of the day's event. Photo by Wang Gang

Hangzhou, September 9 (Reporter Wang Yifei) On September 16, the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games Village and the welcoming ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation were held in Hangzhou Asian Games Village. The Chinese sports delegation officially stayed in Hangzhou Asian Games Village.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village consists of athletes' village, technical officials village and media village, which will provide accommodation, catering, transportation, culture, science and technology, medical treatment, business and other all-round services for more than 2,<> athletes, team officials, technical officials and media personnel during the competition.

It is reported that the total number of Chinese sports delegations is 1329, including 886 athletes (437 female athletes and 449 male athletes), a total of 67 people in the delegation have participated in the Rio Olympic Games, 201 people have participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games, 226 people have participated in the last Jakarta Asian Games, and 630 are participating in the Asian Games for the first time.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village. Photo by Wang Gang

On the same day, Hangzhou Asian Games Village was officially opened. At the ceremony, many Chinese athletes also praised the environment and facilities of the Asian Games Village.

Athletics athlete Zhu Yaming said, "The construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village is beyond my imagination, including the architectural style and internal facilities are impressive, which makes me very proud as the host athlete. ”

Rowing athlete Cui Xiaotong said, "Hangzhou Asian Games Village has complete facilities, which provides convenience and protection for athletes in terms of food, accommodation and transportation, allowing us to devote ourselves to training and competition. (End)