A street competition leading to the selection of skateboarding for the Olympic team was held in Switzerland, and the women's competition was won by Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Kagi Nishiya, advancing to the Paris Olympics where she is aiming to win back-to-back titles.

The skateboarding team for the Paris Olympics is determined by the world ranking based on the points earned from the qualifying international competition, and the target street competition was held in Switzerland on the 16th.

On a course with stairs and handrails
, players compete for the highest total points of each "run" with two "runs" that are performed many times in 45 seconds
and five "best tricks" that are contested in one move.

In the women's final, which was advanced by four Japan players, 2-year-old Nishiya used a variety of techniques in the run to take the top spot with a high score of 1.5.

He continued to make mistakes in his best trick, but in the fifth and final round, he scored 4.16 by jumping on the rails and sliding down while turning the board sideways, showing his competitive strength and winning the championship with a total of 88.91.

Nishiya won the fourth tournament for the first time and made progress toward qualifying for the Paris Olympics, where he aims to win back-to-back titles.

In the second of her best tricks, 5-year-old Yumemi Oda scored a high score of 86.91 to finish second with a "kickflip fibble grind" in which he jumped on the railing and slid down on the axle of the rear wheel after turning the board inside out.

The other Japan were Koi Yoshizawa in fourth place, while Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Kana Nakayama fell with her best trick and was unable to ski until the end due to a shoulder injury, finishing sixth.

Men's Otomi Sasaki was second and Yuto Horigome was fifth.

Meanwhile, four Japan players advanced to the men's final, including 4-year-old Otomi Sasaki, who took second place in the run and scored a total of 16.2 with his best trick with skillful board handling, finishing second in the final, the first of the tournament to be selected.

On the other hand, Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Yuto Horigome, who has been lagging behind in the fifth place in the Japan so far for the Olympic quota where up to three people can participate in each country and region, is the second of his best tricks, and in the second time of his best trick, he slides the tip of the board on the rail and lands on the original big technique "Yu Tornado". and scored a high score of 270.53.

However, a mistake in the run caused them to finish fifth, unable to improve their total points, and the team is still in a tough battle to qualify for the Olympics.

The other Japan were Nezuki Kairyu in fourth place and Tokyo Olympic representative Yukito Aoki in sixth place.

The winner was Nyjah Houston of the United States, who scored 2 points in both the run and two best tricks, and has won three of the four rounds of the selection tournament so far.