Beijing, September 9 (Liu Xingchen) On the 16th, the 16-2023 China Cup Short Track Speed Skating Elite League Hohhot ended the men's 2024m Group A final in the open category. Lin Xiaocheng, who represented the Heilongjiang Ice Training Center, crossed the finish line with a time of 500:00.41 to win the first championship of the new season.

Image source: Screenshot of the website of the Chinese Skating Association

In this final, the competition was fierce. Lin Xiaocheng and Sun Long began to chase from the beginning, and Lin Xiaocheng gradually took the lead. On the final lap, Sun Long fought back and crossed the line with Lin Xiaocheng almost at the same time at the last moment. However, after the referee's review, Sun Long was awarded a foul, the result was canceled, and Lin Xiaocheng won the championship.

First title of the new season

The Hohhot competition has two categories, open and youth, including men's and women's 500m, men's and women's 1000m, men's and women's 1500m, women's 3000m relay, men's 5000m relay and mixed team 2000m relay.

As the first short track speed skating competition of the new season, the skaters were looking forward to it and came to the ice rink early to adapt to training. On the 12th and 13th, the first competition between men and women in the nine-lap pursuit and four-lap pursuit events will be held, and athletes will determine whether they can qualify for the main event according to the ranking of the pursuit, and the top 60 men and women will enter the main event.

In the men's nine-lap pursuit in the open category, Lin Xiaocheng ranked first with a time of 01:24.369. Li Wenlong, runner-up in the men's 1000m short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, was also in good shape, skating 01:24.885.

The picture shows the results of the men's 1500m semifinals in the open category. Image source: Screenshot of the website of the Chinese Skating Association

In the men's 500m and 1000m heats in the open category, Lin Xiaocheng continued his excellent competitive form.

However, in the men's 1500m semifinals in the open category, he was ruled out for a foul and missed the final. In the men's 16m final in the open category on the 500th, he did not let the championship slip away from his hand again.

Returning from injury

At the short track speed skating national training camp media open class in early July, Lin Xiaocheng unsurprisingly became the focus of attention.

Before that, he had undergone shoulder repair surgery to better prepare for the Milan Winter Olympics, the eighth time he had undergone general anesthesia in his ice career.

Infographic: Lin Xiaocheng celebrates winning the championship.

Facing the camera, Lin Xiaocheng said that through rehabilitation, the shoulder condition has not hindered his skating training too much. At that time, talking about the intensive schedule of the new season, he confessed that no matter which game, he would give it his all.

As an "ice fan" of short track speed skating for more than ten years, Chen Kun (pseudonym) specially took a leave of absence from Beijing to take the high-speed train from Beijing to Hohhot to watch the competition. "I'm a big fan of Lin Hyo-chan, and he's still recovering from injury." In Chen Kun's view, Lin Xiaocheng's ability is beyond doubt.

Data map: Lin Xiaocheng is interviewed by the media. Photo by Li Jun

The Olympic champion led the race

The China Cup Short Track Speed Skating Elite League is currently the highest level and largest short track speed skating league in China, and Hohhot is also the qualification event of the 14th National Winter Games short track speed skating event. Building a platform for outstanding players in the country and screening top athletes for the national team is a major purpose of this competition.

The 2024th National Winter Games will be held in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from February 2 to 17, 27, and is the first major national sports event to be held in winter sports after the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Therefore, this competition has attracted many top domestic athletes to participate, including Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu and others who have participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics. In addition to Lin Xiaocheng, who won the championship, the "Liu brothers" Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaoang, who have attracted much attention, also participated this time. Before the competition, everyone said, "We are full of expectations for this competition, and we will use the best state and good results to repay the enthusiasm of the people of Hohhot." ”

Image source: Weibo of the Chinese Skating Association

It is reported that the 2023-2024 China Cup Short Track Speed Skating Elite League Hohhot competition schedule is a total of six days, and there will be 2000-meter mixed team relay, 5000-meter relay and other popular events in the future. (End)